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Essay on “Endangered Species” Complete Essay for Class 9, Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Endangered Species

Endangered species are living beings whose population is so reduced that they are on the verge of extinction. Thousands of species are included in this category. The International Union for the Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources publishes a list of endangered species, which comprise mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and plants. Earlier before arrival of humans, extinction of living things was associated to geological and climatic, the effects of which were translated into major fluctuation of the environment. Change in the environment is still the main cause of the extinction but now the changes are highly accelerated by human’s activity. Cutting trees for farms and towns, lumbering, mining, building dams, and draining wet lands all alter the environments so extensively that the balance of ecosystems is completely destroyed. With a soaring human population requiring food, shelter, and clothing and constantly demanding more energy-using devices, the requirement of land for human use without regard for consequences are quite amazing. Several forms of environmental change are responsible for the disappearance of species. For example, with the deforestation of tropical forests, primates have progressively smaller feeding and living spaces. They also become more exposed to hunters, who kill monkeys for food and other purposes and trap many primates. for sale as pets, research animals, and zoo specimens. Some anima.’ species may move into human space when their own are destroyed.

Pollution is another cause responsible for environmental change. Many species of birds in the world, including peregrine hawk, bald eagle, pelicans, and roseate terns etc., lay thin-shelled as a result of consumption of low quality products and some other chlorinated hydrocarbon insecticides that make their way into the food chain. Species of salamanders in New England are dying out because the ponds in which they breed and the moist soil in which they must live are contaminated by acid rain (water that combines with pollutants in the air to form acid, sulphuric acid, and other corrosive compounds). Industrial waste dumped in the Mediterranean depleted the oxygen supply to an extent that some species of bacteria, which decompose sewage, have been wiped out and the nutrient cycles disturbed.

Human activities also contribute in the extermination many species. Whale species are on the endangered list. Poaching of whale is often justified as it provides a source of protein for protein-poor population. Actually, whales supply only 1 % of the protein needs of any countries, such as Japan, that is actively engaged in whaling. Many species have been hunted to the point of extinction . for their fur, hides or feathers. These comprise the big cats, alligators, kimonos, quetzel birds, eastern gray kangaroos, egrets, and bids of paradise. Many people and organizations have taken measure to halt the killing of animals of endangered species. Whether the species were killed intentionally, or if by accident  (as is the case of oil spill in sea) these groups are trying to bring an end to killing of endangered species. Finally what we need to know is that endangered species can be as big as a blue whale or as small as a tiny little ant.



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