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Essay on “Education through Television” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Education through Television

Television is an impressive teaching aid of education. Television is a new gift of science. Ti is becoming popular in schools. About all the schools of Delhi have television sets.

A lesson in the class- room is often boring. It does not appeal most of the students. so they do not attend to it. To create interest in the lesson s television is a good source. It has its own charm. No one can deny its impressions on the minds of the students.

The students look forward to the television period. It gives them education as entertainment. The T.V. teachers cannot put any question to them during the course of lesson. So the students have neither worry nor fear. Teaching aids draw their attention. Even the dullest boy has a smile on his face. His smiling face shows that he is not wasting his  time. He takes keen- interest.

As soon as the lesson ends the doors are opened for a while. The boys are at rest for some time. Soon after a discussion on the lesson starts between the teacher and the students. there are many surprises for the teacher during this discussion. Often a back- bencher puts a very fine objection. The teacher ahs to admit  the value of a lesson through television when the boys show their great interest in the lesson.

Every school has a teleclub. Some teachers and a few gentlemen of locality are its members. They meet once a fortnight. They send their suggestion to All India Radio. In the light of their likes and dislikes All India Radio adjusts the ways of presenting the lesson and the teaching aids.

Education through television will spread soon. At present the government buy may T.V. sets to meet the need of all schools. Some schools do not have funds to buy television sets. There is one drawback. Some lessons on very important subjects are still under preparation for want of teaching aids.  

Television gives a whole picture of a teaching topic. Through T.V. we can feel abstract object. We can learn the lesson in our bed room. We can have any posture of body. We can enjoy, eat something while learning. There is no question of discipline.  There is no teasing or remarking. We are not in tension. We learn how to self – study. We get self confidence. For a vast country- like India having a large population Education through television is a boon. It is cheap, interesting, fearless, self motivated method. It has been becoming more and more useful and interesting for students of every age.


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