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Essay on “Dr. Rajendra Prasad” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Dr. Rajendra Prasad

Rajendra Prasad was a broad – minded man. He was very modest. He was always ready to help others. He was very simple in habits. He rendered sincere, selfless and silent service to his country. He left everything to serve his country and its people. He had a high place among the greatest men of the world.

Free India recognized his great qualities. When she become a republic, Rajendra Prasad was elected its first president.

Dr. Rajendra Prasad was one of the greatest politicians , statesmen and social workers of the world. He was a great patriot. He sacrificed everything for the sake of the country he was the first President of Indian Republic. He was also a great educationist. He was a man of world fame. He was also a religious  man. He was an eminent author and had a number of thoughtful books at his credit.

Dr. Rajendra Prasad was born on 3rd December, 1884 at Saran District in Bihar. His educational career was very bright. He was admitted in 1898 in Chhapra school and stood first in the Entrance Examination of Calcutta University in 1902. He also stood first in M.A. and L.L.B. examinations. After passing Law he started his practice at Patna High Court. His practice was very roaring and he achieved a great success as a lawyer. He earned a lot by his practice, but he spent a considerable part of his income on the welfare of the people.

The atmosphere of the village was very simple. Far away from the crowded cities, in the lap of mother Nature, in peace and purity of life, he passed his childhood. The simple sports, the simple dress, the simple behaviour of villagers, the co- existence of Hindus and Muslims, each enjoying taking part in other’ festivals, the Ramayana – recitation from time to time in villages, the Ram Lila celebrations every years, the stories of Ramayana which he heard in bed early morning from mother and the hymns of God which were recited by his mother all had a pious and lasting effect on the boy’s mind. That is why he was so simple , peace – loving, religious and believer in Hindu- Muslim unity and so moderate in temper all life.

In his native village a Molavi Sahib taught him Persian. His method was old- of cramming and keeping his students busy all the day. In Hathua school and in Chhapra he shone. He passed two classes in one year. In Entrance Examination of  University of Calcutta, he topped in Bengal and Bihar student to earn this credit.

Dr. Prasad joined Gokhale’s  Servant of India Society and began to do the work of social service. He started his political carrier as a social worker. He came under the influence of   Mahatma Gandhi since the Champaran Satyagrah of 1918. He came in the light when he took sincere part in Champaran Satyagrah. Due to his selfless service he was called “Bihar Ka Bapu.” Several times he was elected President of Congress. She also took part in the constructive schemes of Gandhiji. He was the soul of  “Wardha Educaiton Scheme , Hindi Prachar Samiti, Khadi Prachar etc.”

After independence , under his guidance the constitution of free India was framed. When India was declared a  sovereign Republic, he was elected president of it. He was elected for this post successively for two terms. Under his president ship the country made all round progress and prosperity.

He is no more in this world. Now he belongs of the ages, but people of India will always remember him with respect and love.

Feeling his duty towards the students of Bihar, he started Bihar students’ conference. There was a solid organization which   spread into thousands of branches throughout the whole Bihar. The students’ conference in Bihar made him famour. Though he did not top in M.A. but he soon became a very successful lawyer in Calcutta High Court in spite  of being Junior.  He  passed Master of Law’s Degree in I division and so well impressed the big personalities like, Asutosh Mukherjee of Calcutta that he was appointed professor in college of Lawyers. In 1911 he became the member of All India Congress. Upto 1916 he practiced law. After Partition of Bengal when Patna High Court was started separately, he came to Patna. But Gokhle gave a turn to his life. Gokhle so impressed him that life wasted in earning money and feeding one’s family is no life. life dedicated for the cause of nation’s service is a real life. his worthy brother could not check him selfishly when Rajendra Prasadji acted upto the advice of Gokhle kicking off the most gainful law – practice.

He was sent to jail from time   to time. Country recognized him to be sincere, selfless, silent and solid worker in his service rendered at the time of Behar Earthquake Relief Work. Hw as elected President of Bombay Congress and discharged his duties devotedly. All loved him for his honesty. He could work with any group and had a great organizing  capacity without making show. He was credited with the title of Desh Ratna.


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