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Essay on “Describe all that you saw and did” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Describe all that you saw and did.

Suppose that have you spent an evening at Connaught place:

I have visited and revisited Connaught Place hundreds of times and I have passed many evenings there sometimes I have longed or lain or sat and gossiped in the company of my friends in the park of Connaught Place has always been an attraction for a large number of men, women and families.

One evening, my mother proposed to me to accompany her for shopping in Connaught Place. Going from Lady Harding Road side, as we entered Connaught Place, I felt as if I had come to a fairy, electric lighted land, Connaught place is a fine marketing centre. It is built in a circular from with a pillared corridor in front of the shops. There were all kinds of beautifully furnished shops dealing in variety goods, cloth, shoes, radios, watches, books, etc. We went straight to Khadi Gramodyog Bhawan from where we purchased some linen silk and readymade Garments. From there we went to a tailor’s shop. In fact, Connaught Place is well known for having the best tailoring shops.

After finishing the business in hand my mother and I decided to have  round of the whole bazaar. As we passed through the corridor, we had a chance of looking at the windows of the shops that displayed the fancy goods of the shop in a stylish manner. Some of the windows had been set in a very artistic design.

Coffee houses and restaurants are a special attraction of Connaught place. Inside the restaurant, we find a congregation of mixed gentry consisting mostly of well dressed people. In hotels and enjoyment. On the floor of these hotels, ought and beauty meet to stare into each other’s face and the twilight hours of the evening melt away in the resonant sound of the ringlets and bells of the dancers feet that move lightly and swiftly. It is a joy of many hearts to pass their evening sipping at tea or coffee in a hotel or restaurant.

Having come out of the Coffee House, we decided to return home. On our way back we passed before Regal Cinema and an enquiry we were told that the crowd was to receive Rajesh Khanna and aheeda Rehman who were coming to perform the opening show of the picture ‘Khamoshi’. We returned home feeling that we had a very happy evening.


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