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Essay on “Cyber Hacking” Complete Essay for Class 9, Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Cyber Hacking 

Hacking is an unethical way to peep and take away the data of anyone who are hooked onto the Internet. In the 1960’s the dictionary definition of a hacker was that of a “computer virtuoso”. Hackers comprised young, computer literate and rebellious gangs vying for the status symbol image and thrill of breaking into a computer network. This all changed with the popularity of the modem and an increasing number of computer users. The number of hackers exploded and thus the image of being a hacker became passe. The Internet provides hackers a way to access any computer in the world, with ease. Major corporations and government security departments have acknowledged that hacker break-ins are out of control. Some companies are too fearful to join networks because of this. Software programs brought out to deal with the growing problem, such as firewalls, are no longer totally effective. The basics of computer security (using difficult passwords, and guarding of data) are not being met in a disturbingly large number of American companies surveyed.

The boom of the Internet use, and networks around the world has brought with it a need for more security consciousness amongst its users and systems operation managers. Technology needs to be constantly updated in the war against the ever-growing insidious and malicious hacker. The tougher security measures put in place, combined with more stringent laws (including imprisonment) had the effect of weeding out all but the keenest of hackers, and the most malicious. There are also a select few who choose to label   themselves as hackers with moral ethics. These second types of hacker prevalent today are assisting companies and law enforcers in the fight against dangerous hackers in a numerous ways. These include holding hacker conventions and on-line information cervices to inform the public of new security risks, as well as being employed by, corporations to break into their systems in order to secure and refine them.

The art of hacking crime is now far more sophisticated, varied and costly to society. There is an urge to continue to work with ethical hackers in the battle for safety and order, otherwise we face an increasingly monitored future and a reduction in the freedom of computer use. A new threat is emerging where computer criminals, as opposed to juvenile hackers, are potentially capable of industrial espionage and damaging infrastructures. Two distinct types of hackers have replaced juveniles who hacked for the thrill of it. The first category comprises the hackers having a self-professed personal code of moral ethics. These hackers invade networks, not only for the challenge, but to make the public aware of weak security links. They abhor lax security measures and feel justified in their actions, claiming a superior authority by publishing their exploits. Non-hackers acknowledge these hackers with a reluctant acceptance. The second comprises an elite number of hackers focused on malicious intent and greed. Being on-line to a network leaves the system vulnerable to exposure by hackers from anywhere in the world.

There is no doubt that the inherent psychology of human behaviour determines that there will always be those whose intellectual and technological pursuits will find an outlet in those of computer intrusions. Hackers need a suitable outlet for their expertise and instincts for challenge. Perhaps we should be looking at ways to channel that enthusiasm appropriately, before they discover the evil path. In addition, perhaps the advent of the hackers is a blessing in disguise. If the articles stated research lends us to believe that many companies are lax in their responsibility to security  measures then perhaps an intrusion followed by a court case is what is required to make managers sit up, take notice and take action. Though the problem seems to be a grievous one but it

also enunciate the knowledge which the hackers posses. The advent of continuous new technology demands continuous changes within society, and new approaches. There are at least two ways to resolve the hacker problem: deal with it as it is encountered; or take a different and proactive approach. Either way, it is largely determined by our innovation and motivation, just as it is with emerging hackers, really!


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