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Essay on “Crime Can Only Be Tackled With Punishment” Complete Essay for Class 9, Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Crime Can Only Be Tackled With Punishment


Making crimes comes as a result of various things in life. The first and the greatest one is called money as the old expression that says, “Money is the root of all evil”. As many people who are in need of money commit different types of crimes just to gain that money, however it’s coming through a wrong way. The second one and the most popular is revenge. People neglect the police and try to fix their problems themselves.

Poor people make some small crimes because of money. They may steal sneak things or may do hacking On the Internet to gain what they want. Some of them used to be beggars, others  were workers but none of them was born as a criminal

Well, poor people who have aim in life could be rich without a small crime, but hard work is needed. Not only poor people make crimes, but also rich people do so. Although they are already rich, they gather money through many ways against law. They steal, murder and do many other crimes against humanity. They prefer to gather lots of money through some faster ways such as drugs trade and smuggling etc. Rich people want to increase their wealth by making crimes instead of making useful projects.

None of the humans is born as a criminal. A criminal is the end product of bad conditions that turn a heart of a baby or a child full of happiness into a dark heart full of sadness. A calm person could turn to aggressive one because of those conditions that affect each and every person living on this earth. Some countries try nowadays to change those conditions surrounding especially poor and homeless people. So, conditions are the main responsible for making such a criminal.

Justice is a small word, but it has a great meaning as it play an important role in crime and punishment. A judge has to take the balance as a standard before deciding the punishment of each criminal to be perfectly matched with his crime. Justice also makes criminals be afraid of the punishment since there are some hard punishments as the death penalty. Such punishment makes criminals think hundreds of times before doing any crime. Well, justice is the only way to balance things as a set of crime and punishment.

Small crimes have small punishments as justice works to do so. People who make small crimes are not like others who make great and dangerous crimes. The punishments of small crimes are small like the crimes themselves. A criminal of a small crime have to be sentenced toprison for months or just to pay money as a compensationor any other punishment according to the standpoint of the judge and the crime itself as justice takes place.

On the other hand, huge crimes require a strong punishment such as sentence to death. People who make destructive crimes have to be punished without caring about them. Huge crimes are almost represented in torture and murdering crimes. The punishment of such crimes is sentence to prison or sentence to death to make criminals afraid of making those crimes against human rights. Those persons with their dreadful crimes don’t have the right to live side to side with other peaceful people.

Generally, crimes are considered the biggest problems in our daily life. All classes of people make crimes but none of them has the right to do this. Crime is a bad phenomenon that appeared in all ages and is prevalent till now.


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