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Essay on “Cowards Continue to Die” Complete English Essay, Paragraph, Speech for Class 10, 12 Students.

Cowards Continue to Die

We all know that death comes to every living thing and the most surprising thing about it is that, when we know that death is inevitable, why do we dread it? Isn’t this a contradiction in terms? When we know a thing has to happen then why do we fear it? The fear creeps in because of the uncertainty of the time when death will come, and here comes the continuous death of the cowards.

All of us fear death but, cowards face death all the time, they stay in the agony of death as if waiting for it, and this is how they continue to die. At every bend in life, they fear that they may meet death waiting for them, and in this way, they die several times before their real deaths. Even when hale and hearty and alive, they become lusterless and cease to live, fitting in so well in the definition of death. This is because the cowards always keep worrying and brooding.

If we continue to worry about what will happen tomorrow, we are certainly destroying the very fabric of today, and in this way, we are dying all the time or we continue to die. Sometimes if we think rationally, we will realize that we worry about things that are just imaginary and have no remedy, as they do not exist at that moment. To live in such constant fear is worse than death itself. It is these cowards who lose in all battles of life while the brave are always there to get the last laugh.

In contrast to cowards the brave dare to accept challenges that face them fight them and also win them. This is because they keep struggling against all odds without worrying and wasting time like their coward brethren, and this is why the brave finally win the battle of life. The brave find their minds ruling over matter, while the cowards keep fearing the unseen, and do nothing due to this innate fear in them. The brave face all the trials and tribulations with courage while the coward sits imagining all the trials that may or may not come, and wastes his valuable time just frightening himself about what MAY happen. This attitude makes him mentally lifeless and weak which in turn prevents him from becoming a physical force either, Instead, he becomes a mental wreck

All the energies of a coward are channelized towards dangers that may be. Which obviously well nigh paralyzes his very thinking and acting processes, and he as if enters the family of the dead, inspite of being absolutely and fully alive. Such a man continues to die throughout his life and real death is always looming large on his head. On the contrary, the brave accept every challenge of life and keep moving ahead unaware of impending death. Even this fear of death does not daunt the brave because he just does not have the time to think of it, for he believes and rightly so, that, death is nothing to be thought of, it has only to be enacted and that also only when the Director of Lives sends the signal to the individual. This is the power of reasoning that gets lost in the minds of the cowards. They do not seem to realize that death has to come ONLY ONCE to every man, and that also only when it is ordained to come. This is also a fact that when it has to come it will not be delayed or averted. When all this is known to every man, yes, every man then the fear of death is just ridiculous. However, the foolish coward who lives throughout his life in the fear of death makes himself miserable at each moment of life, living under the tremendous pressure of the unhappiness to come WHEN, This weight of unhappiness cannot keep anyone comfortable and lively.

The rule best followed in this context would be fear, not death, and enjoy each moment of life for, life is short, and so surprisingly, the only unchangeable fact of life is death, then, why bother about it let it come when it may. Why fear that thing over which we have no power, and which cannot be averted no matter how much we may want it to be. So COWARDS – Wake up and start a re-thinking on your unhealthy attitude to life and death. You will surely enjoy every moment of life if you only allow your soul to rule over your material self. Never think about a thing on which you have no control then you will, I assure you die only once, and live a long lifetime, instead of being a whole living time in the fear of a mirage-like thing that is death.


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