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Essay on “Conquest of the Air” Complete Essay, Paragraph, Speech for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Conquest of the Air

Outline: The problem of flight — achievements — benefits — aerial warfare.

From the earliest days, mankind has been greatly interested in the problem of flight. A good many persons tried to keep aloft in the air with artificial wings long before the invention of the balloons. For lack of the necessary knowledge, the results usually proved disastrous. Men were able to make powerful engines only after-the production of coal gas and hydrogen gas. The Wright Brothers, Wilbur and Orville, whose names have become famous for all time, deserve full credit and acclamation as the fathers of practical mechanical flight. The first crossing of the Channel by M. Bleriot in July 1909 and Mr. Paulhan’s flight from London to Manchester in April, 1910 are landmarks in the development of the aeroplane.

When the War broke out in Europe four years later, the aeroplane which had so far been chiefly regarded as a very interesting but rather dangerous invention turned out to be a formidable, military weapon. The impetus given to the aeroplane by the war did not cease. On the contrary, aeroplanes for both military and peaceful purposes have become more and more efficient.

They have crossed the North American continent, from New York to San Francisco, between dawn and dusk; flown over the North Pole; and encircled the world. They have travelled well over 500 miles an hour, climbed 13,000 feet higher than Mt. Everest and remained over two weeks continuously in the air. This development has been so rapid that today the aeroplane takes its place beside the railway train and the ship as a regular means of transporting passengers, mails and cargoes. Great air routes now traverse the continents and seas in all directions.

The aeroplane is doing very good work in surveying countries. Aerial photographs pieced together form a complete map of the region surveyed. Aerial photographs are taken from a height of 36,000 feet. Then, again, the aeroplane is: most useful in exploring regions difficult or impossible to traverse on foot. It has penetrated the north lands of Canada, the forest regions of Amazon and the icy wastes of the polar districts. As a speedy harbinger of relief it is unequaled. We have heard of its dropping food on ice-bound ships and snow-bound villages, whirling patients to hospital for treatment, hurrying with food and medicine to areas ravaged by war, disease, floods, and famine. It is doing great service to forestry and agriculture. In the timber regions of America and Canada patrol aeroplanes roving the skies send prompt news of any outbreak of fire and prevent disastrous conflagrations. Other machines equipped with special apparatus, flit up and down over plantations, cotton fields and locust-infested areas, scattering chemical dust deadly to insects. In Siberia, aeroplanes are even used for hunting and slaughtering wolf-packs when they become a menace.

A review of the Indo-Pak war makes it clear that our defence forces have excelled themselves beyond our expectations. All the three branches have had their share in the victory, but the Air Force has been outstanding in its efforts. It demonstrates the superiority of mastery over the air.

Our Air Force at the time we achieved our freedom was very insignificant, but today it has acquired superiority that every Indian can be proud of. The fitness of our aircraft and the heroic bravery of our airmen have enabled us to acquire a high standard of aerial warfare and hold our enemy at bay.

It is because of mastery over the air that nations like the U.S.A. and U. S. S. R. wield much power and influence. They possess a large fleet of air-ships, some of them nuclear-powered, with a terrific speed and wide bombing range. In years to come our nation too will vie with the Big Powers in securing mastery over the air, not with the idea of destroying but in conformity with the famous saying of a famous general, Bismark: if you want peace, be prepared for war.


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