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Essay on “Computers Revolution” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Computers Revolution

3 Best Essay on “Computer Revolution”

Essay No. 01


Civilizations have flourished in the past and gone on the establish themselves based on the foundation of singular inventions like the use of the iron or copper or bronze. The singular invention, which has become as omnipresent today, as did the iron and bronze tools in the past ages, is the computer. An invention of miraculous dimensions, computers have revolutionized our lifestyles, mostly for the better, and continue to do so. In less than fifty years they have influenced practically every field of activity. The Computer Age is our new reality.

No one could have imagined that the initial computing machines would so soon be developed into highly sophisticated present-day computers. And this stupendous revolution has been carried out by the computer without a shot being fired or a drop of blood being shed. Computers have taken up key roles in all fields of activity including agriculture, weather forecast, scientific research, designing, banks, and financial institutions, space research and technology, communication and media, medicine, aviation, railways, traffic control, language learning, literature, and entertainment.

A computer is an electronic device that can carry out calculations and process information. Vast amounts of data can be handled effectively and efficiently at a very fast rate.

A computer can virtually carry out any activity but it cannot think, at least for now! It thus requires a human operator and a set of detailed instructions called a program. The storage unit of a computer is called the memory which can be accessed via an input device–the keyboard. The output and the processed data can be received on a TV screen or in print via a printer. Computers can vary from very compact laptops to large mainframe systems and supercomputers.

Computers have become indispensable in all areas in which they have been introduced. Industries and business houses would virtually collapse if computers were to be suddenly withdrawn. Right from management, organization, and planning to the actual production, computers are being used at every stage. Robots, which are nothing but computer-controlled arms and hands, are increasingly in use in assembly lines of many factories. They can efficiently carry out monotonous and hazardous tasks. Personal robots have also been developed for a variety of uses including assisting handicapped people in becoming independent and self-sustained. Hazardous tasks like handling dangerous chemicals or metals at high temperatures can be performed with ease by robots under human supervision.

Automation in banks and railway stations has provided relief to the public and staff alike. Ticketing and reservation have become more efficient and convenient. Business transactions and the high volume of associated data are easily managed using computers.

In the field of medicine, especially in medical diagnosis, computers are being used to locate, and investigate accurately and precisely any abnormalities or diseases. Computers are also vital to diagnostic tests which help incorrect diagnosis and the choice of appropriate treatment.

Scientific research and space exploration have also evolved to their present extents with the aid of computers. Complicated problems are solved with amazing speed and accuracy. This has revolutionized the engineering and technological fields. Not only do computers solve complicated equations, but they can also simulate various conditions and predict accurately the behavior of things under such conditions. In this manner, computers have made possible inventions and discoveries which would otherwise have been unfeasible. Any space mission and satellite launch rely heavily on computers for precisely calculating and organizing the whole procedure including angles of entry, Velocities required, and trajectory. We have been able to gather vital information about distant galaxies and their components with the help of computers.

Computers in communication and media have effectively turned the whole world into a global village. Access between any two points on the earth is possible. Services like e-mail have made it possible for people to exchange data and information. Personal computers have practically taken over the tasks of writing and keeping household accounts. Networks can now be established enabling people to exchange news, data, and all sorts of information. Today the entire world is linked through satellites. Art and entertainment have also developed immensely by using computers. Animation films or movies like Jurassic Park would have been inconceivable in the absence of computers.

The use of computers has its negative aspects too, at the individual as well as the social level. Excessive use of computers can damage eyes and long hours of work on the keyboard can lead to joint ailments and spondylitis. At another level, computers are being used in developing dangerous and lethal weapons. Misuse of data by people who break into computer networks is also becoming a problem of large dimensions.

Evil or super-efficient, computers are increasingly making themselves felt as indispensable in homes, schools, and offices even in a developing country like India. The silent revolution has been efficiently carried out. Computers are here to stay. It is up to us to use them for the benefit and betterment of humankind.

The takeover of computers in the various fields of human activity is almost complete. And it has been accomplished quietly.


Essay No. 02


Computer Revolution


The world is on the threshold of a computer revolution. It is going to be the permanent tool of the modern age. Computers are being used in all the areas today; be it business, finance education, science. They are fast changing the way of work Computers are, no doubt, designed to play a very important role in future as there is no field of human activity in which the computers cannot help.

Computer technology has made stupendous progress in the last four; decades. It was only in 1944 that Professor Aikens and his” team had designed first ever computer in Harvard University, U. S. A. Since there we have come a long way. Today, the world is the threshold of a computer revolution. In fact, in the decades to come, they are going to play a very crucial role; as there is a field of activity in which computers cannot help. Every day new uses are being found for computers. They are already helping man in a fantastic range of holds-agriculture industry, scientific research, machine design, banks, aviation, space research, medical diagnosis, traffic control, and even in literature

Computers have some special features which make them extremely useful to mane-speed; accuracy and storage of information or memory. The computer is designed in such a way that they rarely 111ake errors. Modern computers are machines with a high degree of reliability We often hear of computers making funny and at times costly mistakes. The culprit, however, is not the machine but the human being who operates the machine Computed have some qualities which make them superior to man in some ways, for one thing, computers never get tired. Also, the same computer can do a wide variety of jobs. Besides, being an automatic machine it can do long jobs with little or no help from a human operator. No wonder computer is considered the greatest invention of man. For the first time, man has made a machine that adds power to his brain. When he manmade machines, he added to the power of his muscles, when he made vehicles, he was adding faster feet just as the industrial revolution brought great changes to the way people worked and lived and changed the human role from being a source of power for labor into being it controller of machines, in a similar manner today we are facing a second revolution, as machines tended by people are being increasingly replaced by computers. Before the industrial revolution, people worked mainly on land. The invention of machines meant most people started to work in factories In the future, computers are going to make it possible for a man to transact business and do the shopping without leaving his home Aided by computers, man has become capable of feats they had never dreamt of. 

The computer has become indispensable in industry and business. They are being extensively used in industry.“ They have been installed in business houses, offices, factories, hospitals, banks, petrol pumps, railway stations, etc., and taken the drudgery out of the life of the Clerical staff. Even in a country like India, computers are a fast-changing Indian way of life and work. The stuffy, overcrowded air and rail reservation officers in most cities are fast being replaced by air-conditioned ones that have neat rows of booking clerks seated behind terminals, punching out tickets rapidly. In commercial and business houses they are keeping track of tiles and vital statistics; reviewing the achievement of targets; chalking our sales strategies, etc. Computers have brought about automation in every field. In fact, they carry out activities and tasks which were formerly thought of essentially as human. This has increased productivity and reduced the requirement for manpower in industry and business. In fact, computers have wide applications in various industries like chemical processing industries, metal industries, packaging, etc. In the last few years advances have been made in the hold of assembly of complex components like in the Automobile industry.

The trend set off a controversy about the impact of automation on unemployment. Will the spread and extension of automation mean economic mm as unemployment rises and productive potential soars? Time alone will answer such questions. However, one thing is certain that in this age pr automation was ushered in by the second industrial revolution, nothing is going to remain the same for human life.

Modern medical diagnosis has become more accurate, precise, and fast with the help of computers. Some of the most advanced tools are being used in medical research, diagnosis, treatment, and investigation. Machines like CAT scan enable medical specialists to reproduce the body slice by slice and prepare films to ascertain the tract location of a disease, function of a particular organ in the body, detect any abnormalities, growths, etc. Doctors these days rely, heavily on these diagnostic tests before making a final diagnosis and choosing the course of treatment. These tests help in detecting diseases like ulcers, cancers in early stages and have proved real leasing to the modern man, who is susceptible to several diseases which were unknown to his forefathers, due to the stresses and strains of everyday life.

The exploration of space has been one of the most exciting developments of this century. Most spacecraft which-have been launched in space in the last 30 years, since the time-space age began, have transmitted a vast amount of knowledge back to earth. It now does not seem so distant a reality or a difficult dream to realize that one day we shall be able to establish human colonies on other planets with our present techniques and resources. It is only the development and application of computers which has brought man closer to realizing his dreams. Besides, satellites which are launched in space are of immense use in communication. They have made it possible to obtain television linkage between distant countries and enthrall” T.V. viewers all over the world by taking their favourite programs or events of world significance right into their living rooms.

Photographs from satellites have helped in the field of agriculture, geology,  meteorology. Weather satellites help to give advance warning of any such developments which may be dangerous to human life. India has purchased a supercomputer Cray XMP-14 from the U.S.A. It has been installed in the India Meteorological Department, New Delhi. It will help in preparing weather forecasts 3-10 days in advance. Besides, it is expected to be useful; in the areas of health, agriculture, and solid-state physics. Undoubtedly computers are doing a lot of useful work by controlling special machines? Given arms and hands, a computer can do more physical work. That is precisely what the robots are doing. Today robots are really computers with muscle though a layman tends to dismiss them as mere metal imitations of humans with steel claws or hands. Robots can work untiringly. In some of the advanced countries of the world, these robots are performing tasks which earlier it was considered only humans could do. Robots are being used in industry, entertainment, Space, medicine. It seems possible now that robots will be the servants of the future. Already there are a number of personal robots available. In countries like U.S.A. and Russia, they are proving of great» help to the handicapped, the aged, and the mentally retarded. A lot of research is being carried out in this field. People who are conducting the research are trying to make robots more intelligent so that they can think and act rationally like the human brain.

Today, there is practically no aspect of civilized life which is not at some stage under the control of computers. In the future one may expect that most homes Will have a computer terminal just as today they have a telephone However, one question that is frequently asked is will the computers always be such a blessing? Scholars and others are not so sure. The power of the computer can be misused. It is already being used in needless warfare. In advanced countries, experts. are working Out ways of preventing misuse of computers, Therefore, to prevent computers from turning against and dominating its creator like Frankenstein’s monster, man must use his discretion” Computers will represent no danger to humanity if we do not allow them to make decisions on problems involving moral issues Moreover, there are activities of the human brain which seem beyond the realm of artificial intelligence of computers and robots.

However, whatever may be the advantages and disadvantages of computers,  we cannot put the clock back there is little doubt though that the world will sooner or later have to make up its mind to use computer technology only for the benefit and welfare of humanity.


Computer Revolution

Essay No. 03

The world’s technological horizon is dominated by the computer since the year 1970, and by now, it has entered into every sphere of human existence, and in the last two decades it has taken over the charge of all that was once man’s handiwork.

A computer is an electric device which helps in boosting our efficiency and helps us in being more creative by taking up the work of repetition itself. The computer helps us create programs, communicate, and also helps us to earn. Today, even in India it is beyond our imagination to conceive of any avenue where the computer has not made a dent., may it be in business, banking, publishing engineering, etc. This change over to computerization is welcomed by all and sundry but, it leaves one burning question in the minds of people. We are all apt to believe that, computerization is apt to throw men out of employment, no it is not so, this belief is just a misnomer. The reason for this is that a man who was once doing the job of a clerk would now be able to execute more productive assignments, thus contributing his best to his employer society, and the nation. The computer is expected to ensure the enhancement of knowledge levels, productivity, earnings, and living standards of society. If India wants to emulate the economic superpowers of the world it is necessary for India to completely computerize, and link the Indian economy and industry with International information in a super big way. This can be made possible only with the help of the computer and the Internet networks.

It was in October 1977 that the private sector Internet Service Provider ushered into India. And this was a great step forward, in the growth of the telecom and communication industry. This single step is expected to open new avenues of technology in this country, in the next century. The Internet is a complicated web of satellites and cable networks connecting millions of computers across the world. With this advent of the computer, information is shared in the form of data, pictures, and graphics. The application of the Internet would include surfing and access to data.

In India, there are about 93000 computers linked to the Internet so far. The ISPs have to give a bank guarantee equivalent to a license fee for one year. In India, the VSNL, i.e. the Videsh Sanchar Nigam Ltd. is the only provider of Internet Services. The Internet has come as a storm in the Indian business and industry. Indian manpower is about the best in the world, in almost any sphere of work. Now we have really arrived into a new world of a global village.

In the Indian context, computerization is absolutely necessary as telecommunication and satellite imagery are both computer-based. Life in urban India is dependent on the telephone, E-mail, fax, internet connectivity and cell phone and all these services warrant the usage of the computer, for their operation and maintenance. Even in rural areas, the computer can play an important role in crop development, software for seed research, crop diseases, rural industry, and rural education. The avenue of rural telecommunication has been revolutionized by the computer.

The computer could be of great value in education. This is because all information is stored and managed by computers, and so they become necessary in the modern times and are also accessible to all. India can hope to become a country of world standards, only when it computerizes its economy, business, scientific and all other operations. Only this technology can help India to benefit on all fronts. It is a certainty that the new century would belong entirely to the computer.


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