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Essay on “Child labour:- A bane” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Child labour:- A bane



India is the largest child force market in the world. The problem of child labour in India is of colossal proportions. The notion that children are being exploited and forced into labour, while not receiving education crucial to development, concerns many people.

The phenomenon of child labour is not, however, new or recent. Even a long time back children were being sold and purchased as slaves to the rich. Child labour in its present form made its appearance around the mid-19th century when modern industries of indigenous self sufficient village economies, and subsequent scarcity or food and soaring prices compelled the villagers to migrate to the new industrial centers for livelihood. The employers found children more sincere and easier to bully into harder work then their elders; they could also be paid less. The magnitude of child labour gradually began to grow, especially in deep mines, factories and plantations. Simultaneously their conditions of work became more inhuman, more pathetic.

The problem of child labour has social, economical and political faces. The development of India as a nation is being hampered by child labour. Children are growing up illiterate because they have been working and not attending school. A cycle of poverty is formed and the need for child labour is reborn after every generation.

India needs to address the problem by tackling the underlying causes of child labour through governmental policies and with the coordination and cooperation of the NGO’s and the enforcement of these policies honestly in true spirit. It cannot be eliminated by focusing on one determinant, for example education, or by brute enforcement of child labour. If poverty is eradicated the need for child labour will automatically diminish. No matter how hard India tries, child labour always will exist until the political and bureaucratic systems are honestly working in this direction.


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