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Essay on “Causes of Heart Attack” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Causes of Heart Attack

Previously, it was believed that heart attack occurred to men only after 50 and to women only after menopause.

Now, this belief has been shattered. Now, we hear men and women getting heart attack in forties and even in thirties.

Another belief that was there was that men were more prone to heart attack than women. Biologically, this may be true. But, now, because of several reasons, we find even several women having heart attack.

In the modern age, a saying which is getting to be proverbial runs thus: “At forty you can have it all—a lucrative job, a car, a house and a heart attack!”

Quite clearly, in most respects, heart attack is related to life-style. A sedentary life-style where you have good and rich diet, luxuries and all the comforts of life but no physical activity or exercise, is the sure way to-heart attack.

Many people in India, particularly people in north India, in spite all of diffusion of medical knowledge, believe in taking heavy amounts of fat which is rich in cholesterol that deposits in arteries and finally leads to heart attack and stroke.

Added to this taking of rich, high caloric fat are the due menaces of drinking and smoking. They raise the blood pressure and damage the heart muscle.

Therefore, on the one hand stress, strain and tension in life should be reduced. On the other hand, only simple, low caloric diet should be taken. Vegetarian diet is preferable to non-vegetarain diet. Consumption of alcohol and cigarettes should be reduced if not altogether cut. One should also learn the art of yoga, meditation and positive thinking to eliminate worry and tension in life.



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