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Essay on “Burglary” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.


 “It’s going to be a long and boring night.” Anjan thought to herself. My parents had gone for a wedding dinner at some fancy hotel. So I picked up the ‘Barbie story book and began reading. This was the third time reading that same book. Soon, I became restless and bored. So I paced the hall for a minute or two. Then I went out in the balcony. The cool night air washed my face, making me feel a little livelier. As I was looking at the flats from my balcony I noticed some strange happening on the third floor of the opposite block. A person with dark clothes was roaming in that particular flat with a huge bag. I could not make out if it was a female or male intruder but it was certain that it was a burglary in progress. I was excited. It was the only interesting thing that had happened during the whole day. I dashed for the phone to report the crime.

I gave the neighbourhood police some details they had asked for and waited for the police to arrive. It was a good thing that the neighbourhood police post was only a block or two away When the burglar had accomplished the task of stealing almost every valuable thing in sight, the police barged into the house. The burglar was arrested.


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