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Essay on “Books-A Treasure House of Knowledge” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Books-A Treasure House of Knowledge

Books are wonderful gifts to mankind. Books are useful in many ways. They educate, entertain and serve as good companions when we are lonely. They guide us when we are confused. They inspire us when we are low in spirit. They are men’s best friends. Books console us when we are in sorrow. We are never alone in the company of books. They demand nothing for the service they do to the mankind.

The kingdom of books is as vast as universe. There are books on literature, science, fiction, history, art, culture, civilization , architecture, fashion, technology, philosophy, etc. some books are for serious reading, some are intended to enrich our knowledge and leaning. Many books give us an insight into various aspect of life. Books on travel and adventure infuse into us a spirit of fearlessness and adventure. The reading of novels is a pleasant pastime for many of us. This provides an escape  from the din and bustle of life. One is completely lost in the company of good books. There is no sphere of life which has not been explored by the books.

Books are good source of dissemination of useful ideas. They are effective tools to popularize the fruits of our research in various fields of knowledge. They help in the spread of our progressive views, they are reservoir  of Knowledge and information. They pass the knowledge and information from generation and generation. In fact, no single labour of human fruit has been as helpful to the advancement of civilization as books. Books are written in all languages of the world.

The advancement of science and technology has brought about a great change in the field of books. Five centuries back, the books as we have today did not exist. But machines and technology have helped in the spread of knowledge. Moreover, the high percentage of literacy, the growth of libraries in towns and villages and growing fondness of the intellectuals to have their private libraries have led to the growth of publishing industry. This in turn contributed to the spread of knowledge and information. Books are written by experienced persons who are wise and have matured minds. They are full of ideas, and thoughts which enlighten us and guide us at the time of trouble. There are books which entertain, enthrall and thrill us according to our taste.

Different people have different tastes and choices. As one grows old, one’s interest and taste also changes. A child may be crazy for comics, picture, story books or works of science fiction. Some people have great love for books. Books are their permanent friends. They carry them wherever they go.

Books help to widen our interest. They broaden our outlook they enrich our thoughts. They help us in understanding different aspects of life. They give us inspiration to do great things in life. They encourage us to fight the odds of life bravely. They fill our minds with  noble thoughts. They awaken our souls. They mould our characters. But we should be very cautious in the choice of books. Books which are not good may mislead the readers. They can spoil us.

Thus, books are a blessing. They are the treasure richer than the treasure of the king. This treasure is inexhaustible. They are the gold mines of art, literature, science and information. We should develop a habit of reading. It is good for us and society as well. 


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