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Essay on “Automobile Engineer” Complete Essay for Class 9, Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Automobile Engineer


My long time ambition is to work in the field of automotive engineering and designing. This field is all about framing an automobile idea and designing it on to paper or more sophisticated tools like computer programs. The design so obtained is then tested for different elements like the stress factors, weight, torsion, and make sure this design on paper made physically viable. My interest in this field is created because of my fondness of luxurious cars and all that and I would like to design cars, which would be highly efficient, extra strong than the existing ones, and more long lasting than the average car that comes out of the factory nowadays. My natural inclination, my passion towards cars and my creativity in the field of design are enough reasons to chose this to be the best carrier option for me. I could not expect to get into this bandwagon just because I can frame design of automobiles. There is much more to this field than just designing. Automobile industries always look for those who posses in-depth knowledge of Mechanical Engineering basics and creative enough to apply them in the best possible way. Corporate also looks for persons having incisive skills in computer programming such as advanced 3D modelling skills in solid works, Pro/E, or SDRC ideas. They generally require young, energetic and experienced personnel having the aptitude to frame complex surfacing, designing plastic parts, performing finite element analysis, product design, and machine design.

As I tried to gather information on how to get the required experience or training for these skills, I found that there is lack of resources available for these skills, as there are not many institutions, which gives exposure to the real industrial environment to the trainees. The courseware should be designed in way so as to cover finest details of automobile engineering. It must comprise; load cases, load factors, vehicle structure types, bending, torsion, longitudinal, lateral leads, dynamic factors, basics of simple structural surfaces, bending moment, shear force diagrams, floor grillages, panels, two plane shear, bending, combined bending, torsion load cases and effects of suspension types on structure loads. There are several local coaching institutions, which offer classes to comprehend some of the basic CAD programs and in-depth study of Mechanics play a very significant role in the process of engineering. However, even with all the scholastic training, most employers generally look for experienced personnel. After a person achieves all the practical learning, it all has to be applied to the specific function of engineering and designing automobiles. Most of what the employers want to see is not how much a person may know about aerodynamics, differing qualities and strengths of alloys, plastics and metals, but how he has learned to apply all this into a solid, viable and efficient product.

The best plan to get into this career is to take all the related classes that an automobile designer requires to design cars successfully. One must also look for industrial exposure after getting all the basics of automobile engineering. When the know-how of the work gets polished up one can then start a focused process to make his way into the automobile industry. With a jest and perseverance anybody can get the dream job of designing ultimate automobiles for the future.


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