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Essay on “An Account of an Old Motor Car” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

An Account of an Old Motor Car

Outline: Its description — its different characteristics — its mystical powers — it had many cleavage points — it hated the driver — it completely refused to run at certain times of the day and in certain types of weather — it had no friends — its end: we gave it a new coat of paint and sold it.

Our old motor car, a contraption, was a little piece of old machinery. It was a sight with aluminum paints touched here and there with spots of black. This old Ford Motor car was built to sell, to dazzle the eyes, “to splutter its way into everyone’s heart”.

This old car was a mean, irritable, naughty, hateful thing. When we bought it, it was not such a bad vehicle as all that. In the six months of our association we observed it, at first mechanically and then psychologically. We found that the old vehicle was very, very lazy. It would not move even if a dozens of us gave it a terrific push. It needed the same amount of petrol whether it ran or not, apparently being able to absorb this. fluid through its body walls without functioning. It had always to be filled at the beginning of every trip!

It had apparently some mystical powers, and was able to read our minds, especially when we were very angry with it. Thus, on every occasion when we were driven to the point of destroying it, it started and ran with a great noise and excitement. This served the double purpose of saving its life and of putting in our minds a false confidence in it. It had many cleavage points, and when attacked with a screwdriver, fell apart as if it was dead (though it was not). Indeed, it had a trait in common with the sloth family, which also fall apart and pretend to be dead when attacked.

It hated our driver. Perhaps it sensed that his knowledge of mechanics was capable of diagnosing its weaknesses.

It completely refused to run: a) when it rained cats and dogs; b) when the wind blew; c) at night, early morning and evening; d) in dew or fog; e) when the distance to be covered was more than 2 miles. But on warm, sunny days when the weather was calm and the place to go to nearby, the old Ford car started at a touch and would not stop till it came to its destination. It loved no one, trusted no one. It had no friends but many enemies. Towards the end of the sixth month, it was very close to death. In the end, even we were infected with its wickedness and its dishonesty. We should have destroyed it, but we did not.

One fine day; we gave it a new coat of aluminum paint, spotted it at points with fresh black enamel, and sold it in the open bazaar. We thus got rid of a menace of a car and never regretted having done so.

Difficult Words: Contraption – any strange-looking machine (slang). dazzle -cause wonder by some act of great power. splutter – speak hastily and in a confused way. vehicle – here it means motor-car. association-connection. psychologically-seemingly. functioning – working. cleavage – breaking. sloth -any of several slow-moving animals, e.g., opossums, etc. destination – place to which one is going. infected-passed on a disease to another.


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