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Essay on “AIDS- The Dreaded Disease or The AIDS Scare” Complete Essay for Class 10 and Class 12.






              This is an age of science and technology.  Scientists all over the world are trying to fight diseases.  They have certainly succeeded to a large extent.  Human life is certainly longer today than what is used to a few decades ago.  Much however, still remains to be done.  A number of terrible diseases continue to stare the scientists in the face and the men of science stand just bewildered and confused.  A rather recent discovery in this list of incurable diseases in AIDS (Acquired Immuno- Deficiency  Syndrome) which has created a terrible scare in the world.  It has already taken a toll of several thousand lives in America and Europe.  It has been reported that  the disease has, in mild forms, entered India also.  It might soon appear in a big way spelling doom and disaster.  The Government of India has launched a big offensive against  the terrible disease.  Although there is no reason  for immediate alarm yet the public is being educated about the symptoms, causes, remedies, precautions etc. concerned with this fell disease.

              The entire media, radio, television, newspapers, and periodicals all over the world are sounding a note of warning and asking the people to take all precautions to save themselves from this killer diseases.  Aids education programme should, in fact form a part of the high school curriculum.

              AIDS is an illness in which the body’s natural system starts failing by slow degrees.  Human body has an army with various weapons of its own to protect itself from invaders like germs.  A patients suffering from AIDS loses these weapons.  He cannot fight diseases and becomes defenceless.  He quickly falls an easy prey to several diseases and becomes helpless.  AIDS is caused by a virus which infects the white cells of the body. It is a disease which is difficult to diagnose.  The diagnosis is based on a series of complex blood tests.  Early symptoms of this disease are a significant loss of weight, swollen glands, fever and night sweats, extreme lethargy and oral or oseophageal infection.  (These symptoms to do not always mean the presence of AIDS).

              AIDS generally attacks those people who are used to changing their sexual partners – bisexuals, homosexuals and prostitutes.  Its other victims include drug addicts and people who receive frequent blood transfusions.  It is not a completely infections disease but it is transferred through infections needles, blood, semen, saliva, urine and stools.  In developed forms, it proves fatal as there is no cure for it.  No effective drugs against AIDS are at present available in the world.

              In order to avoid being attacked by AIDS, one should have regular medical examination and avoid repeated exposure to sexually transmitted diseases.  One should also avoid sharing of needles to inject drugs.  One should also not share one’s razors and tooth brushes with others.  A woman who carries AIDS should not conceive as the disease passes on the child.

              AIDS is a potential health threat to mankind.  The only way to meet it is to face it calmly and boldly.  There is no need for scare or nervousness.  The Government should educated the people about the various pros and cons of the disease.  India is lucky to have been saved from this terrible disease so far but the warning bell has already been sounded.  Cases of AIDS are being increasingly reported from various states.  A large number of hospitals in the country have been geared up to handle the patients suspected to be suffering from AIDS.  The entire media are busy advertising and educating people on various aspects of the disease – its symptoms, precautions and treatment.  A number of precautionary steps are being taken but much still remains to be done.  Let us pray that our country does not fall a prey to this dreadful disease.


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