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Essay on “Agriculture vs Industrialization” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Agriculture vs Industrialization


India is mainly an agricultural country. A vast majority of Indians depends on agriculture. This is in one respect a good and positive thing because when agriculture is the base of society anywhere, the government only need formulate some effective agricultural policy and then food problem can easily be solved.

In a country like India which has virtually an unmanageable population, food remained a major problem for a long time after Independence. It was only because she had a viable peasantry and land that could be used for agriculture, in short, an agricultural base, that saved the country from disaster by culminating all efforts in the Green Revolution.

However, agriculture can assure only limited progress. As is well-known, man does not live by bread alone. Moreover, in the modern competitive world, a country depending entirely agriculture cannot make much headway. England, for instance, was once on agricultural country, but is now a thorough-going industrialized country.

In the modern world man needs so many things besides food like clothing, housing, medical facilities, education, health-care, employment, items of luxury and usage for various purposes such as TV, AC, refrigerator, telephone, gas oven, computer, books etc.

It is clear that only industrialization can deliver the goods. Our country can become rich only if we have good exports and that is only possible through industrialization.

We need steel, cement, etc. for infrastructure. In short, we need heavy as well as small-scale industry. In India, industrialization and agriculture can go hand in hand as both are virtually interdependent. Moreover, we can set up several agro-based industries such as sugar and cotton mills, paper mills, food processing, etc.

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