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Essay on “Advantages and Disadvantages of Hostel Life” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Hostel Life


Advantages and Disadvantages of Hostel Life


Life in a College Hostel


Students get their education in schools or colleges either as day-scholars or by living in the hostels attached to their schools and colleges.  They system of living in hostels, away from the parents is not a new one.  In ancient days the students in India the students in India had to stay away from their parents in the Ashrams of their Gurus till they completed their education.  They used to be under the complete charge of their teachers during their educational careers.  In many cases, students had to go to far off places to get higher education.

                Life in the hostels today is, of course, much different from the life in the ancient Ashrams or other seats of higher learning.  It is not as disciplined todays as it used to be in the oden days. Students are sent to the hostels to devote themselves to their studies with a single minded attention.  They are expected to put their heart and soul into studies.  They are put under the charge of a superintendent who is supposed to look after their interests and comforts.  But it is generally seen that many students go astray and take to several evil courses.

                Hostel life has its own advantage as well as disadvantages.  It trains the students to learn to live in society.  It teaches them the art of corporate living and inculcates in them a spirit of co-operation.  Boys who live together in a hostel get to know each other.  They form friendships which always help them in their later lives.  They mix together and know the habits and natures of one another very well.

                If the superintendent of the hostel is a good man, discipline in the hostel is good.  This discipline gives good training to boys.  They learn to obey the rules.  Thus, in future life, they become a good citizens.  Life in a hostel enables the students to have a free exchange of ideas.  This develops a feeling of self-confidence amongst the students and enables them to face the oddes of life in a better way.

                Boarders live together.  So they learn many good things.  They learn to give and take.  They also learn to help those who are in trouble.  The attend to the sick.  They sympathize with the poor.  Moreover, in the hostel, boys live far away from their parents.  This teaches them to help themselves and to stand on their own feet.

                Hostel life has its disadvantages also.  Boarders do not get the advantage of home life.  They do not get the training which the parents give to their children.  They do not get the love and personal care of their parents.  This makes them home sick at times.  They feel the absence of their parents when  they are ill.  A day-scholar is always in touch with his home.  But a boarder is cut off from it for months at a stretch.  With the increasing attitude of indifference and callousness on the part of the hostel warden, life in a hostel has become a real danger.  Innocent minds of young students are likely to be led astray by antisocial elements.  It is in the hostel that many students pick up their bad habits.  The malady of drug addiction is already taking a heavy toll in several hostels.  Evils like smoking, drinking, gambling, homosexuality and the like are spreading fast in the hostels where the grip of the authorities is loosening day by day.

                Every year some rich and careless boys come to live in the hostel. They never read.  They talk laugh and disturb others.  Thus it become impossible for many boys to stick to their books.  They feel disturbed.  They cannot devote all their time to their studies.

                Sometimes good boys get into had company in a hostel.  As a result, they fall into bad habits.  They begin to smoke and drink.  They get addicted to various drugs and intoxicants.  They become cinema fans and waste their time.  They become fashionable.  They waste the money of their parents.

                In spite of all this, life in a hostel has many good things to teach. It is hostel life only that makes young boys self-reliant, dutiful, brave and social.  On the whole, the life of a boarder is better than that of a day-scholar.


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