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Essay on “Modern Fashions” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Modern Fashions


Fashions in Dresses


The Tyranny of Fashions


                “A fashionable woman is always in love with herself.”                    

— La Rochefoucauld

                In the olden days, man was quite uncivilized. He covered his body with leaves of trees or he used to live naked.  But as time advanced, he became civilized and cultured.  The result was that dress became a part and parcel of his life.

                A fashion may be defined as a mode or way or manner in which a thing is done or made.  Broadly, speaking it means a slight departure from the usual.  In common talk, it means following the up-to-date cut and style in tailoring standards.  Fashions change every other day.  “Fashion,” said Oscar Wilde, “is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months.” The dress of today become the ridicule of tomorrow.  The fact, however, remains that the fashions are a special feature of the modern competitive society.

                Fashions are highly short-lived and dynamic.  They change as seasons change during the year.  Life does not have a fixed set of values.  The code of conduct changes.  The ways of thought change very rapidly.  Static persons fail to keep pace with the fast changes.  Human mind likes change, movement and variety. With the gearing up of the tempo of modern life, the change in dress which the young men and women wear, comes almost unnoticed.  The change becomes the acknowledged norm of the day.

                Now-a-days dress has been given a great importance.  It is very difficult to point out from the outward appearance of a youth whether one is a girl or a boy.  Boy cuts are liked by girls, and the boys; shirts and pantaloons worn by girls make them look like boys.

                With the advent of space travel, the world is becoming smaller and smaller.  People of different countries are coming closer.  It results in the interchanging of the dress with that of foreign countries.  The foreigners are imitating us in their dress.

                Changes is the law of nature.  Tennyson has rightly said: “The old order changed yielding place to new.” Sometimes girls begin to start wearing tight clothes to show off the different organs of the body.  Girls look exactly like boys in their pantaloons and shirts.  Sometimes people start wearing loose clothes.

                However, none can deny that people have become quite fashionable.  There is smartness in the appearance of even villagers.  Elderly people also with to appear spick ad span in dress.  Fashions, no doubt, enhance the charm of a woman and are a great attraction to the male students. If our fore-fathers visit us these days, they will not be able to recognize us.

                Fashions, however, have their own toll to take.  Such is the tyranny of the fashions that most of the poor parents who cannot afford new dressed have to remain in a state of constant tension. Moreover, fashionable dressed, at times, are not all comfortable to war.  Tight dresses, for examples, are quite inconvenient to put on.  There are several cases when tight dressed are torn to pieces, when the person wearing them tries to stoop down to catch a bus.  Some dresses are not medically suited to the body.  They causes allergies and skin troubles.  But the lovers of fashion pay no heed to all this.  In their desire to appear smart and attractive, they do not mind paying any price.

                Fashions among students, extend not only to their dresses, but to so many other things also.  “Variety”, says Shakespeare, “is the spice of life.” Fashions keep on changing every day in the matter of food habits, social customs and ceremonies, eating habits, films, books, entertainments and the like.  IN fact, fashions add a touch of charm and romance to life.  Life would have been dull and dreary if thing had always remained unchanged.


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