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Essay on “Acupuncture: A Sure Shot Panacea for Stress” Complete Essay, Paragraph, Speech in 600 Words for Class 9, 10, 12.

Acupuncture: A Sure Shot Panacea for Stress

Stress is arguably the greatest killer in the world today. Stress per se does not kill but it leads to several other medical conditions that are killers such as diabetes, hypertension, heart problems, and ulcers. It is important to understand that stress does not occur overnight. It builds up over a period of time. Second, stress knows no gender bias. It affects both men and women. Third, stress has begun to strike early. Youngsters and school students also fall prey early and this affects them for a very long time. Fourth, stress also has no industry bias. Lastly, stress has begun to take its toll even in areas like sports earlier considered stress busters. Stress is a mental condition, not one of the body. From a behavioural disease in the past, it has now become pathological since it causes stress changes in the normal physiology of the body. Regardless of how stress is viewed in other systems of medicine, acupuncture tends to classify stress in three ways. First are what can be called over-anticipators perfectionists and workaholics. These are inveterate chasers of work and when they do not have anything to do, they start worrying. The second category is hyperactive people, either children or adults. The third can be called the “doubting Thomases”. They are among the high-risk category of stress-prone people. All systems of medicine say the thinking, memory, and ‘mind’ are seated in the brain. But in acupuncture, the mind is situated in the Heart Meridian. The heart houses the mind. So anything concerned with behavioural problems, that too in a stressed stage, will see the Heart Meridian being hyperactive, which naturally leads to a stressed state in the brain. For, such people, either adults or children, the Heart Meridian is stimulated for 15 days (30 minutes a day). After a gap of two to eight days, the procedure has to be repeated. After about 90 days, the patient generally becomes normal. Over-anticipators remain mentally active during the night leading to insomnia. Stimulation of their Pericardium Meridian along their Heart Meridian eases their mind and they get a good night’s sleep after 60 sittings. Sometimes over anxiety leads to nightmares and dreams. Disturbance in the Liver Meridian may cause this. This problem is also solved by a 60-day session. Acupuncture says that when the Gall Bladder Meridian is not working properly, the person will become indecisive. The more they are indecisive, the more confused they become and they go into a state of unidentified stress. For such patients, the Gall Bladder Meridian will be stimulated for 15 days and after a gap of 2-8 days, the procedure will be repeated. A total of 60 days of treatment will be required.

Most medical systems work on how to “manage” stress. Consequently, it is kept at minim levels without it being eliminated. However, in Acupuncture, because of superior etiology causes for the conditions are known. Thus, for these vulnerable groups, Acupuncture is a pure definitive, and time-bound system.


Stress builds up gradually and is the cause of hypertension and diabetes. Today it is striking even the young. Acupuncture helps cure stress in a reliable and time-bound way. It classifies humans into perfectionists, hypertensive and doubters. To cure perfectionists their heart meridian is stimulated. For over-anticipators, the pericardium and heart meridian are stimulated and cure is possible in ninety days. The liver meridian is stimulated to cure nightmares and dreams. To cure confusion, and doubt the gall bladder is stimulated for sixty days.


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