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Essay on “A Wedding” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

A Wedding

The performance of marriages is different in different states. Every religion has its own ways and customs. The marriage is a pious affair. India is a country full of noise. A marriage ceremony is a noisy affair in our country. Lots of money is spent on this occasion. Preparations for a marriage in India have to be made several days in advance.

Very recently, I attended the marriage of my cousin. All the members of our family were invited to the wedding. We got new clothes stitched for this occasion. We reached the house of my cousin three days before the actual ceremony. We found a lot of hustle and bustle in the ho9use. A halwai had been engaged to prepare sweets and other eatables. A day before the marriage, a shamiana was put up in the open space before their house. Charis and table sore also arrange in the shamiana for the members of the barat. A speiclaly decorated stage was also made in the shamiana. It was made for the jaimala ceremony of the bride and bridegroom. The entire area was beautifully decorated. Electric lights were also lifted. A welcome gate was put up at the entrance of the shamiana.

The barat came at the appointed time. The bridegroom was riding on a well decorated mare. He was smartly dressed. He had a small boy called ‘Sarbala’ behind him. The members of the marriage party were also well dressed. Some ladies in the barat looked very pretty in their gorgeous sarees. A few youngmen of the barat danced merrily to the tune played by the band. Then the sehra was realized. It gave an impressive account of the kith and kinf of the bridegroom. After that the milni ceremony was gone through then the bride put the jaimala around the neck of the bridegroom. Then the barat was entertained to rich dinner. After a few hours the actual marriage ceremony was performed. The bride and the bridegroom had to go round the holy fire four times. The bride was dressed in a beautiful saree. The bride and the bridegroom did what the Pandit told them to do.then came the time for departure of the Doli, it was a very touching scene. The bride was given several gifts as dowry. The relatives of the bride were sad over the departure of the Doli.


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