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Essay on “A visit to an exhibition” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

A visit to an exhibition

            Hobbies are pastime; we have hobbies for spending our leisure in pleasure. The aim of a hobby is not to earn money, but still, a man show is engaged in the collection of stamps or coins may collect a few rare stamps bore coins which may bring him money. Hobbies how the tastes and personality of a person.      

            Hobbies are a necessary part of our life in the modern age. Life has become dull in this age. One needs change from the dullness of daily life. Hobbies provide this change.

            Different persons have different hobbies. Stamp collecting, photography, coin collection, painting, fishing, reading novels and magazines, writing to pen friends are some of the popular hobbies. Hunting, collecting photographs or personalities and boating are hobbies of some others. Social work  knitting and stitching are hobbies of some women. Some indulge in the hobbies of spreading rumors and scandals.

            Recreation is not the only aim of hobby. Hobbies give us knowledge which we do not get from text books. Hobbies are fine ways of spending one’s leisure. It is said that an idle man’s brain is the devil’s workshop. Once should not remain idle. Hobbies should fill up our leisure.

            Some hobbies are useful while other hobbies are harmful. Useful hobbies are gardening, swimming, riding and photography. So e hobbies are very expensive. Only rich people can afford to have such hobbies. They are photography, boating and riding. I am a poor farmer’s son. We have a small holding of land. In front of our house I the village, there is a small plot of land. I have taken up gardening as my hobby. I have grown vegetables from our garden every day. I also enjoy the beauty of flowers. I find my hobby very useful and profitable.


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