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Essay on “A Quarrelsome Man” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

A Quarrelsome Man

A story is a told of a Scotsman who saw two persons fighting. He approached them and asked, “Gentleman, is it a private quarrel, or can I also enter it?” There are some persons who are always itching for a fight. They are born under the influence of mars, the God of Battles. I have in my neighborhood a man who picks a quarrel eight times in a week. A day that passes without a quarrel is a day last and wasted. He is the most in his element when he is threatening and gesticulating. Words come out of his mouth as brave comes out of crates.

I have tried to find out the causes of this quarrelsomeness. In the first place, the man has very poor health. Doctor is of the view that in such cases black like goes an accumulating in the body and that undermines health. Second, the man has financial difficulties. He is always indebted to others. Whenever his children ask for a book, clothes or pocket money, he harangues them in vehement language. Any talk about money is sure to start off a heated discussion and then it is an easy passage to verbal fireworks and even blows to the unfortunate children. It is amazing, how soon this man discovers or creates an occasion for a quarrel.

The other day, he purchased a little vegetable from a street hawker. He gave his a one pound note and asked for the balance. Now it so happened that the hawker insisted on some small change. That was signal enough for a quarrel. The poor hawker was threatened that he would be taken to the police station as a hoarder of small coins. With considerable difficulty the poor fellow was allowed to resume his itinerant trade.

But sometimes the quarrel many not have upper hand. One day our hero boarded a bus and gave the money to the conductor for a ticket. The conductor asked him to wait, upon which he started quarreling. The conductor was a big man and was about to pounce on him, when passenger intervened and saved some bloodshed. Quarreling should be avoided at all costs.


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