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Essay on “A Morning Walk” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

A Morning Walk

A morning walk is a healthy exercise for the old and a good inhabit for the young. If taken daily, it tones up the muscles of the body and gives it body and gives it vigor and strength. One gets morning air to breathe which refreshes the brain and strengths the lungs. A morning walk, therefore, keeps our body and mind fit for the day’s work. It has rightly been said that a walk in the morning every day, keeps both the doctor and illness away.

Very few people however, like to get up early. A large majority of us are us are ease loving and indolent. I am one of such persons’ I of going out with a friend of mine for a morning walk. The charm of the morning walk has since made me an early riser.

The very next day with the shrill crowing of a cock, my friend woke me up early in the morning. I got up put on my clothes and came out. We set out for a walk through the streets of the town. It was still dark. The town lay in peaceful sleep. Only a drowsy dog barked at us here and there. But we passed on without muttering a word.

As we walked on, we soon left the town far behind. It was a very fine hourly the air was cool and fresh. Nothing could surpass its silken beauty. It put new life into me. I felt invigorated. My drowsiness had left me.

Now the dawn glowed on the distant horizon. Birds began to fly across our line of vision. Many of them burst into sweet songs, others chirped in the bushes. All heartily welcomed the dawn the Queen of light Dew drops on the grass looked like pearls.

We passed by a small village. The farmers with their oxen and plough were making for their fields. House wives were busy in milking the cows. The farmer boy was coming out with his school. In short, all were on the move.

We pressed on. But it was now hot. A Persian wheel was soon seen. We made for it, and had a cool refreshing bath. It was now time to go back. We worried back at a good speed. When I came home breakfast was ready. I did full justice to it.


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