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Essay on “A Home for Lepers” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

A Home for Lepers


Leprosy is a disease that defaces and disfigures the patient. In this disease, the external organs of the victims like the fingers, the thumb toes etc, start rotting. The organs are not only disfigured but it appears as though, they are ready to fall off their roots in the hands. Since the disease so disfigures the patient, onlookers feel that, sure enough it will spread to all those who come in contact. People feel that leprosy is a communicable disease, and, even when they are told that, it is not, they prefer to take precautions and stay away from lepers. So much so that it is well known that, those who fall a prey to this disease, are even discarded by their own families, and are thrown out of the family to fend for themselves. It is felt that, since it is an unhealthy occurrence in the body, others must stay away to remain healthy.

With this sad background of lepers, their families, and the society treat them as outcasts and, as unhealthy people must stay away from the healthy. Even though researches have been conducted and it has been found that, leprosy is not infectious, lepers are still not really allowed to mix freely with the rest of humanity. It is for this simple reason that, homes have been set up separately for lepers. In these homes, away from home, the lepers are given all their necessities and they live together as a single family under one roof. All men, women and children effected by this awful disease live in this home and oh! what a miserable sight it is to see them all suffering alike and together. How they do their daily chores, how they eat, how they spend their days is just a thing to be wondered about and to be pitied. However, having provided a home for these people, the Government or any other institution that looks after them has done a good job of providing the basics for them for now, at least their daily needs are looked into. In the absence of such homes these poor people, unable to work and earn for themselves, would have been a moving menace to the society at large and would only be shunned and scorned all the while,

The sight at these homes is like the sight at any other home for the disabled, a place where one feels depressed, dejected and all at once realises how much suffering there exists in this world that we are enjoying. However, those people seem to feel quite normal and usual fine like all others. This is may be because, they do not know better. They have not seen a comfortable and healthy life and have got used to this permanent stigma to life.

Since these disabled people can do no work they are often found begging on cross roads and streets, on temple premises, and, wherever crowds may be found. By begging they earn a meagre livelihood and for the rest of it, they spend their days and nights at the home.

Though to see a leper’s home  is to see an unhappy sight, I must say that, it is a good thing that such homes are provided as shelters for these weak and infirm people. For, if these homes were not in place, these poor people would not find any shelter at all, and things would be worse, with so many of them moving aimlessly on the streets with no solace in life.


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