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Essay on “A Happy Dream” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

A Happy Dream

All of us dream during our sleep. In our dreams we often find fulfillment of desires which may not be possible in real life. Rich people who want more and more money often dream of money and paupers and beggars who can’t get enough food frequently dream of eating their much desired favourite dishes.

My brother lives in Paris. He has often promised to take me there one day by an aeroplane for a holiday. I am longing for such a day.

Last night, I dreamt that I had a flight by an aeroplane along with my brother who had come to India. In the dream I found myself accompanying my brother to the aerodrome by a deluxe AC bus.

As we reached the aerodrome, we were asked to sit in the waiting room for some time. We had already purchased the tickets.

After some time there was an announcement on the public address system that the flight of the concerned aeroplane was going to start shortly.

I followed my brother to the aeroplane which was standing on the tarmac. We climbed up the stairs and entered the aeroplane. We took our seats. A hostess came and asked us to fix our safety belts.

Soon the flight started. First, the aeroplane ran on the tarmac and then took a slow flight upwards.

Within a few moments the aeroplane reached dizzy heights. I felt that the aeroplane had entered a cloud. I heard a loud thundering sound.

As soon as I heard this sound, I woke up. I felt amused as I found myself in my bed as usual.

It was all the same a happy dream which I can never forget.


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