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Essay on “Kaleidoscopic Image of Independent India” Complete English Essay, Paragraph, Speech for Class 10, 12 Students.

Kaleidoscopic Image of Independent India

India has seen Centuries of life, and a lot of turbulent times, and a heyday too. However, the Sub-Continent has withstood all this and exists even today, is not a miracle, but, it is proof of its inherent internal strength, maybe spiritual.

The last fifty years have been a gift to India from its freedom fighters that gave their all and presented to us a free Nation to breathe in and grow. This gift package of the last fifty years is what we are here to discuss at the moment. Even these fifty years have also depicted India’s strength through all the rough times, and here we stand even today. I feel quite convinced that, if it was some other country in India’s place, with so much chaos and lethargy rampant everywhere it night have stood annihilated but India, stands as firm as ever, in the face of all.

From 1947 to 1997, we have seen an absolute change in India’s image in every sphere of its existence. The development rate has been tremendous, scientific and technological know-how and usage have increased by leaps and bounds. We have entered the Global market in business. There has been a terrific increase in schools, colleges, and technical Institutes to spread education at all levels. The increase in roads, railways, airways, has been astounding; the communication system has witnessed a Himalayan rise. With all this to our credit, why does India still stand as a Third World Power in the community of nations? For this peculiar situation, we must analyze the actual break up of the entire growth chart and the causes of the lacuna.

Regarding the breakup of all the growth, the handicap is not far to seek, for, all the growth items are being utilized by a slum minority of India’s population, and with the growth, there has also been a major headway in corruption, selfishness, and lack of our character, personal or national. All these malaises know no bounds in our Independent India, so the crumbling image, inspite of a lot of change for the better. For example, in an area, where the growth could have been and should have been 70% on the ground, it has been only 20%. The rest of the resources being siphoned off by those at the helm of affairs. This is a fact that is not a secret anymore, even from the most backward and uneducated of our populace. The proof of all this is not far to seek, when we hear of a scam a day, on the average.

With this situation, there has emerged a yawning gap between the rich and the poor, and the Haves and Have Not, which continues to grow at an alarming pace, even as I write this for you. With this huge gap, all the development stands, absolutely nullified. In this scenario, the image that India today presents is one of the extreme opposites. On the one hand, we see prosperity moving at breakneck speed on the roads of all Metros, crowds of people eating in restaurants and hotels, and enjoying discos every night. On the other hand, we see beggars of all hues on the same prosperous-looking roads, children, and elders eating from dust bins, and enjoying sleepless nights, on pavements and in drain pipes. Seeing this extremely diverse image of our free India it is felt that we have not achieved much A country which has such poverty, on the one hand, has no right to celebrate independence. What are we celebrating? Our inefficiency, our selfishness or, our failure to provide the minimum amenities to all our people. It is time for us to consider, whether the freedom fighters had this image in their minds when they fought for freedom? Is this what they dreamt of, when they entered the warpath, to give all they had, to India? Our first priority at least now should be to forget ourselves and provide the minimum of food, clothing, and shelter to all, for at least this is their right also.

Instead of studying any other subject in foreign lands, now, we must send our emissaries to foreign lands of East or West to study how they manage to maintain a minimum gap in the Haves and those who have less. for I think in no other country the gap would be as much as it is in India. We should have our heads hanging in shame when we see young children begging instead of going to school and the old sitting on the streets when they should be huddled up cozily in a warm comer of their little house.

At this point, I would like to remind all friends that, “Life takes a new interest when we invest in the lives of others. Only if we could share our well-being with others, I am sure we would be no less but they would be much more.


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