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Essay on “Disarmament” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.


Disarmament means that the production of deadly war weapons should be stopped. Indian strongly supports disarmament and is opposed to the production of such weapons. U.S.A., China, Russia and many other countries of the world are manufacturing atom-bombs, hydrogen bombs and other destructive weapons of war. This mad race for inventing deadly war weapons can lead to the third world war which might destroy the whole mankind. So at present the most important problem for the world is the problem of armaments. The question of armaments has two aspects. It maintains a threat to the security for the whole mankind. At the same time it is also a big economic problem. Modern weapons are very different from weapons that were used Modern weapons are very different from weapons that were used in wars a hundred year ago. Although heavy guns and artillery could do a lot of damage to life and property, modern science  has developed weapons which are qualitatively different. During the two world wars, millions of people were killed because of the destructive power of modern weapons. Besides the armed forces, these dangerous weapons have created havoc to the lives of innocent civilians.

An important step taken towards disarmament in the early nineties of the 20th century was the agreement between the United States and the USSR. As a result both countries destroyed some of their nuclear weapons. Another step was taken by West Germany in destroying the nuclear weapon of East Germany prior to the unification of the two countries.

In spite of over whelming world opinion for disarmament , much progress has not been made in this direction. Initially, only  the US had nuclear   arms. Later it was joined by the former USSR, Britain and France. China also developed her nuclear weapons. Today, besides the countries which actually have nuclear  weapons, there are many countries which have the scientific and technical ability to make these weapons. The nuclear weapons  that are produced now are far more powerful and destructive than the atomic bombs dropped on Heroshima and Nagasaki.  The situation today is very dangerous. The states which have nuclear power can blow up not only the enemy but the whole world. If we count the whole nuclear power prepared by different countries, it may destroy the whole world many times.

Experts have pointed out the effects of nuclear weapons cannot be restricted to certain area- the area of explosion. Huge clouds of radio- active dust will affect the millions of people who live far away from the place of explosion. If there is large scale nuclear war, the earth’s whole atmosphere will be affected resulting into the end of human race.

There is also another aspect of arm race. These arms are not only dangerous but also expensive. This expenditure is entirely unproductive. If this money is not used in arms, it may be sued for the basic needs of the people. It is a crime to spend the money on weapons instead of removing poverty, hunger and unemployment. This is also a misuse of natural resources of world. Furthermore, armaments threaten the most Important right of human beings – the right to life.


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