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Essay, Biography or Paragraph on “William Cullen Bryant” great author complete biography for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

William Cullen Bryant

(1794 – 1878 )

William Cullen Bryant was born at Cummington, Hampshire County, Massachusetts, November’ 3, 1794. In 1810, at the age of sixteen, he entered Williams College, in Williamstown, Massachusetts, where he studied for two years. In 1812 he withdrew from college and entered upon the study of law. After three years of preparation he was admitted to the bar in 1815. He practiced first at Plainfield, and afterward at Great Barrington. Bryant attained high standing in the local and state courts, but his tastes inclined him rather to literature than the law.

Bryant’s literary record commenced when he was only ten years of age. At the age of thirteen he wrote a satirical poem on the Jeffersonian party, which he published in 1808, By referring to  history, you will notice that the English orders in council had been issued in retaliation for the decrees of Napoleon. The Embargo and The Spanish Revolution were published in 1808, and passed to a second edition in the succeeding year. The age of the author was called in question, and his friends came forward with proofs that the lad was only thirteen when he wrote the satire: The Genius of Columbia was written in 1810, and An Ode for the Fourth of July, in 1812. When he was only eighteen years of age he wrote the imperishable poem, Thanatopsis. Bryant Homestead Book was writ-ten in 1870. Bryant also contributed several prose articles to the Review. While in the practice of his profession he wrote some of his finest poems. , it includes To a Waterfowl, Green River, A Winter Piece, The West Wind, The Burial-Place, Blessed are they that Mourn, No Man Knoweth his Sepulchre, A Walk at Sunset, and The Hymn to Death. While Bryant was writing The Hymn to Death,: his father was dying at the age of fifty-four. In the same year he married Miss Frances Fairchild, and also published his first collection of verse. In 1821 Bryant wrote The Ages and delivered it before the Phi Beta Kappa Society of Harvard College. At that time our poet was recognized as a writer of great merit. From that time till he left his profession and took up his pen for a sup-port, he wrote about thirty poems, it included The Indian Girl’s Lament, An Indian Story, Monument Mountain, The Massacre at Scio, Song of the Stars, March, The Rivulet, After a Tempest, Hymn to the North Star, A Forest Hymn, and June.

After an unusually long and active literary life,. Bryant died in New York, June 12, 1878.


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