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Essay, Biography or Paragraph on “Yogi Gambhirnath” complete biography for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Yogi Gambhirnath

Gambhirnath was born at a village of Jammu-Kashmir in the nineteenth Century. His exact date of birth and the parents name were not known. He never disclosed his ancestral name etc. to his disciples. He was not only a Siddha-Yogi but also possesses many rare divine qualities, by which the people were attracted to him and became his disciples.

He belonged to Nath-Yogi Cult and the Mahayogi Gorakhnathji was the main initiator. From his early life, he was self-guided and secluded from the family life. He was always engaged in spiritual meditation and inquiring about God and to know the Truth. That’s why he was remained very serious and grave.

He was initiated by yogi Gopalnathji and to consider his nature, behaviour etc. Guruji designated him by

Gambhirnath. He had travelled throughout India, viz. Varanasi, Gaya, Prayagraj, Amarkantak etc. Also, he had an experience of a tiredsome and terrible journey on barefooted throughout the course of the river Narmada from Amarkantak to Varuch (in Gujrat) and back. During this journey he met many Rishis, Monks and Saints.

At Puri, he met Srimat Bijoykrishna Goswami and discussed the spiritualism. Then, he went to Gorakhpur in 1906 and settled there permanently till his death. Here his learned and favourite disciple Sri Akshoy Kumar Bandyopadhyay had written his famous book “Yogibar Gambhirnathji”. He said, ” All judgements of value, all deepest experiences of life, are based on the true knowledge of the Self. The knowledge of the self is there-fore the door to the temple of God. So the Realisation is the ultimate goal”. Also, he said, “Manifest the divinity within you and everything will be harmoniously arranged around it.” At the end of his life, he came to Kolkata for his eye operation (Glucoma) and met the renowned persons. viz. Kuladananda Brahmachari, Kalinath Brahmachari and others. Here he taught to his disciples that purity, patience and perseverance are three essentials to success in life and above all love or surrender to God.

After the eye operation at Kolkata, Gambhirnathji returned to Gorakhpur and left his mortal body on the 21st March, 1917.


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