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Essay, Biography or Paragraph on “Voltaire” complete biography for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.



France : Creator of Candide

Born : 1694        Died: 1778

The two persons who kindled the love for liberty amongst the French masses were Rousseau and Voltaire. These two paved the way for French revolution by their fiery writings. Voltaire was a man of clear perceptions. He called the flatterers in the French court ‘donkeys’ and courageously opposed the corrupt life of priests, disorder in French society and the autocratic and despotic ways of French monarchs. The masses adored him and looked upon him as a well wisher.

Voltaire was born in an ordinary family of France. He was a sickly child and started studying and writing as he got well. He also completed his study of law. He got a job in Holland, but came back to Paris as he could not tolerate the extensively existing corruption. In France, he wrote satirical essays on the prevalent corruption, selfishness and flattery. He was sent to Bastille prison many times because of his stringent criticism of the system. He was exiled from France, but remained unwavering in his opposition to the prevailing conditions. In 1750, he was invited by King Frederik of Prussia and was asked to write some poems in his praise. Voltaire refused to demean his pen and went to Switzerland.

In his life of 84 years, Voltaire wrote 125 stories, dramas, history and books on philosophy. Candide is his famous book. His book Letters on the English was ordered to be consigned to flames. Voltaire’s was a critical style and made attacks on the disorderly conditions of his time. Millions became his devotees because of his independence of thought and courage. He kindled the flame of intellectual freedom amongst the people and proved the axiom that ‘the pen is mightier than sword’.


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