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Essay, Biography or Paragraph on “Van Gogh” complete biography for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Van Gogh


Holland : A genius posthumously acclaimed

Born : 1853        Died : 1890

An incredulous world heard the news that on 30 March, 1987 Christi’s of London auctioned a painting of Van Gogh for the fabulous amount of Rs. 500,000,000. It was one of the seven sunflower, painted by this great artist during his sojourn in south France during January, 1889. This is supposed to be the highest price paid for any painting so far. As it is, most of the paintings by this artist now fetch millions of dollars.

Van Gogh’s life is an unending saga of want, poverty and mental tensions. No other painter led such a tragic life. He was cruelly neglected in his life time. Though he made hundreds of paintings, he could sell only one during his life. Now he is recognised as one of the classic masters like Rembrandt and others.

Vincent Willem Van Vogh was born on 30 March, 1853 in Holland. Son of a priest, he took to painting. He worked in London, Paris and The Hague. He suffered from bouts of depression due to poverty as also an unsuccessful love affair with an English girl. He divided his time between working at Brussels Academy and amongst farmers in Holland. During the last six years of his life he created some 700 sketches and 800 oil paintings. In return, he got nothing but penury and mental tensions.

In 1888 Gogh started working with Gaguin but soon their relations soured. In a fit of mental depression, Van Gogh cut his ear. Later, he made a self portrait with bandage on the damaged ear. Van Gogh preferred bright colours. Eventually, he got sick of the drift, agonies and failures of his life. He shot himself on 27 July, 1890 and died two days later at the, age of 37. It is an irony of fate that he got ample measure of fame and recognition nearly a century after his death.


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