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Essay, Biography or Paragraph on “Thomas Alva Edison” complete biography for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Thomas Alva Edison

U.S.A.: Greatest Inventor

Birth: 1847         Death: 1931

Thomas Alva Edison is generally considered the greatest inventor of all times. He was also a scientist of a very high calibre and is called the king among the scientists of the world. The most noteworthy inventions of Edison which have proved of lasting service to mankind are the gramophone or phonograph (1876) that filled the world’s atmosphere with music, the movie projector (1893) and the incandescent bulb (1879).

Edison was born in a poor American family in 1847. He was dull in his studies and so could not study much. But he had a questioning mind and as a young boy he was busy doing experiments. Though he failed in all his experiments, some being very silly also, yet, he learnt a lot from them. At the age of 12, Edison once saved the life of a station master as a reward of which he got the facility to learn telegraph operation. Then he did the job of a telegraph operator travelling throughout the United States. He, however, saved enough money from his earnings to open a workshop of his own and set about his experiments. He made a series of inventions. Some other famous inventions with which the name of Edison is associated are as follows: ‘Vote recorder’, ‘Printing telegraph’ and ‘Carbon telephone transmitter’. Edison had made over 1000 experiments before he succeeded in inventing the electric bulb. It proves his irrepressible urge for invention.

During the First World War, Edison also worked for the government of America. He made forty war-time inventions and was awarded a medal for this work. In the later part of his life he produced his own talkies also’.

Edison died on 18th October 1931, of illness. Thus came to an end, the life of ‘a celebrated inventor who by his numerous inventions enriched human life and happiness. Edison once said, “I shall never invent anything which will destroy life. I want to make people happy” He kept his word.


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