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Essay, Biography or Paragraph on “Sir Isaac Newton” complete biography for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Sir Isaac Newton


England : Physicist and Mathematician

Birth :1642        Death : 1727

Sir Isaac Newton was the most respected and perhaps the greatest scientist ever produced by Britain. Newton was much inspired by the Italian scientist Galileo and carried forward his task of laying the foundation of modem science based on experimental proofs. Newton gave many a new and original idea and made a number of scientific discoveries of fundamental importance. Newton is known for his revolutionary scientific discoveries like laws of motion, theory of gravity, differential calculus, composition of light etc. Newton also invented a towards the earth and at a speed which differed with the distance they Reflector Telescope which made it easier to ‘study the heavenly bodies. He also invented prism. Newton’s scientific theories were published in his scientific treatise Philosophia Naturalis Principia (Principia in short). Newton was conferred the title of ‘Sir’ and thus became the first scientist to get this honour. Royal Society of London first elected him its fellow and then made him its life president.

The greatest discovery of Newton is the discovery of the gravitational pull of the Earth. This discovery was a matter of chance. One day young Newton observed that when apples fell off trees they went down covered in reaching to the ground. From this, Newton concluded that there was certainly some gravitational force in the earth which pulled the  apples down. Thus, he discovered the theory of the gravitational pull of the Earth. He applied the same principle to the movement of stars and planets in the solar system.

Isaac Newton was born in an ordinary peasant family of England in 1642. He took his B.A. degree from the Trinity College, Cambridge. Newton showed his interest in science even as a child when he invented a clock that worked on water. From 1665 onwards he completely devoted himself to science. For all his greatness as a scientist, Newton was a very modest and kind person in his personal life. Newton died in 1722, at the age of 85.


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