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Essay, Biography or Paragraph on “Rukmabai Tuller” complete biography for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Rukmabai Tuller

India : A Woman of Fortitude

Rukmabai Tuller is an ideal woman to be emulated. She is an inspiration for Indian woman to get up and walk on the path of life despite troubles and tribulations. Life was not smooth for Rukmabai. It dealt her harsh blows but her spirit could not be broken by the difficulties it posed. Married at 12, a mother at 14, and widow at 17, Rukmabai had all the disadvantage of being a woman, a villager and an illiterate. Nevertheless, she mustered courage, faced all challenges and with forward-looking vision walked ahead in life never to look back and brood.

When widowed, Rukmabai decided to leave her village for Bombay with just 8 annas in her pocket, no support from anybody to count upon and nobody to guide her either. Her desire to go to Bombay for education was not only derided by her in-laws but was strongly opposed. She was dubbed immoral. Her mother-in-law declared her a fallen woman with strange newfangled ideas. Disregarding the old woman’s slanderous remarks Rukmabai set out on her journey and reached Bombay. Here she saw life in its full fury — with no support, no hope and no help. The so-called social service organisations and institutions were either lukewarm or deaf to her appeals. Help came, however, from an unexpected quarter  but it was not selfless either. A woman, stranger though, agreed to give her board and lodging in lieu of house-hold work. So, Rukmabai slaved for her benefactress as her maid-servant all through the day and studied at night after attending a night school.

Rukmabai mastered Hindi, English and other subjects. In 1928, she passed her matriculation with high marks for which she was awarded a prize of Rs. 45. This served as an incentive and the young enthusiast geared herself up for more adventure.

Rukmabai had already started popularizing Hindi and had founded the Hindi Pracharini Samiti. Now she thought of extending her activities to other fields. In 1968, she came to Alandi and started social work for the tribals. Alandi is a small place and she found great potential in social service here. Her Vidyamandir still works for the spread of Hindi. She has done a great service to the cause of the national language.


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