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Essay, Biography or Paragraph on “Osho – Rajneesh” complete biography for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Osho – Rajneesh


India : Self Proclaimed ‘God’

Birth : 1931       Death : 1990

Rajneesh was the most controversial cult founder in recent times. To his devotees, Rajneesh was a godly person who leads them in the right path while to his critics he was a hypocrite. But it remained a fact that Rajneesh has carried a considerable following in all parts of the world and his convincing power to prove his point was well acclaimed. Rajneesh’s cult has a special attraction for the younger generation and the reason is not far to seek. While all religious and spiritual leaders teach to check our desires and instincts for fulfilling life, his philosophy is against the suppression of our desires and feelings. By blending sensual pleasures with spiritual quest, Rajneesh has created an illusory world holding powerful attraction to those searching for a new meaning for their existence. Rajneesh emerged on the spiritual horizon of India and the world in the early 1970s when he established an Ashram near Pune. Soon he had a large following among his countrymen as well as foreigners. Then, suddenly in May 1981, Rajneesh with some of his trusted followers left India for U.S.A. without letting anybody know about it. In Oregon, U.S.A,. Rajneesh built an ultra-modern town called `Rajneeshpuram’ turning a once barren land into a prosperous town humming with activity. But soon, Rajneesh became a centre of great controversies and even serious charges were made against him. All this forced Rajneesh to leave U.S.A. Returning to India at the end of 1985, once again he started preaching from his pune Ashram.

Rajneesh’s philosophy has been published under different titles, like From sex to Meditation, Death is a threshold to Nectar. Face to face with Love.

Rajneesh was born on 11th December 1931, at Jabalpur (M.P.). In his childhood he was known as Rajneesh Chandra Mohan. He did his graduation from Jabalpur University and post graduation from Sagar University. In 1959, he became a Lecturer in Philosophy. By this time, Rajneesh had acquired a wide and in-depth knowledge of religion and philosophy. Soon, he started preaching his brand of spiritualism and declared himself a Bhagwan’. At a later stage he fancied, calling himself with an outdated Japanese word `Osho’. And ultimately, he too like a martal being, got relief from the ‘painful world’ on 19th January, 1990 leaving behind millions worth wealth and a concept of life style.


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