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Essay, Biography or Paragraph on “Marco Polo” complete biography for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Marco Polo


Italy: A courageous discoverer

Born: 1254         Died: 1324


Marco Polo will always be remembered for his adventurous voyages to South East Asia. He discovered new sea mutes for sailing to East Asia and China, making it feasible for any of the future travellers to sail from Europe. He played key role in making Europe and Asia familiar with the culture and social customs of each other. Marco Polo had carved an important place in the sphere of discovery and geography.

He was the son of the great adventurer and traveller Niccolo Polo. He was born in 1254, at Venice in Italy. His father crossed the Mediterranean sea in 1260 for merchandising with other countries. His brother Mafio Polo accompanied in his journey to Turkey, Russia, Mongolia and China ruled by Kublai Khan. They were the first Europeans to reach China. They were accorded a warm reception by the natives in China and  they returned to Venice in 1269 with their earnings.

In 1271, the Polo brothers again set sail for China. This time Marco Polo accompanied them. He was barely seventeen years of age. The three adventurous travellers crossed seas, deserts and mountains to reach that country. They had a glimpse of Palestine, Armenia, Iraq, Iran and Tibet, on their way. When they arrived in China after three years of voyage. the Emperor Kublai Khan was extremely pleased to receive them. Kuhlai was one of the most powerful rulers of that time. Marco Polo stayed back in China to enjoy his hospitality. He was greatly impressed by the splendour of the Mongol kingdom. He learnt Mongolese and became an admirer of the culture and the achievements of the Mongols. He kept exchanging his experiences with the King Kublai Khan and preserved his memories.

Apart from China, Marco Polo also reached Burma and the then Ceylon. He returned to Venice in 1295 at the age of 41. He was held captive in the civil war between Genova and Venice. He died in 1324.


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