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Essay, Biography or Paragraph on “Mahavir Swami” complete biography for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Mahavir Swami


India : 24th Jain Tirathankar

Birth :599           B.C. 527 B.C.

Mahavir Swami was one of those noble souls of the world who gave up kingly comforts and wordly pleasures for the cause of humanity. It was after twelve years, of hard meditation under considerable physical suffering that Mahavir attained enlightenment or supreme knowledge. After attaining enlightenment, Mahavir extensively toured through various kingdoms spreading the teachings of Jainism and converting people to his faith. Though Rishabhdev, the first Jain Trithankar, is considered to be the founder of Jainism, it was Mahavir who organised Jainism into its present form. In his teachings, Mahavir Swami laid supreme emphasis on Ahimsa or nonviolence, truth and purity in life.

The childhood name of Mahavira was Vardhamana. He was born about 599 B.C. at Kundgram, near Vaisali (now in the Muzaffarpur district of Bihar). His father’s name was Siddarth who was the head of the Janatrika clan of Kshatriyas. His mother, Trishila was the sister of the foremost leader of Lichchavi clan. At the age of 5, he was sent to Gurukula for education. Mahavir grew into a great scholar of Sanskrit, but since his very childhood, he started showing strong spiritual leaning. He was married to a princess Yashodhra and also had a daughter by her. Mahavir led a family life up to the age of 30 and thereafter with the permission of his brother Nandivardhana, left his home in search of supreme knowledge. The next twelve years saw him busy in deep meditation, leading the life of great austerity and discipline. Then one day on a river bank under a Shal tree, he attained the `Kaivalya Jnan’ or enlightenment. Vardhamana was now transformed into `Mahavir’ or the `Great Hero’ who conquered his own self, freeing himself from the bondage of pain and pleasure.

The next thirty years of Mahavir’s life were spent in preaching the tenets of Jainism in northern India. He also met the Magadha ruler. Bimbisara, on a number of occasions and gave sermons to him Mahavir attained Nirvana in 527 B.C. at Panapuri (Bihar).


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