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Essay, Biography or Paragraph on “Lech Walesa” complete biography for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Lech Walesa


Poland : Winner of 1983 Nobel Peace Prize

Birth :1943

The 45 year old Polish trade union leader Lech Walesa is carrying on a relentless fight for securing economic and other rights for the workers of his country. Lech Walesa is the President of the independent trade union ‘Solidarity’. Walesa came into headlines when he inspired waves of industrial strikes throughout Poland in 1980. The Polish government retaliated by taking punitive measures against him. During 1981-82, Walesa was imprisoned for a year for his trade union activities. Walesa is backed by the Polish church which is the reason why we notice a sort of religious tenacity in his struggle. In 1983, Lech Walesa was awarded Nobel Prize for Peace in recognition of his struggle for human rights. The Polish government, however, did not permit him to go to Oslo, to receive the Nobel Prize. So in his absence it was received by his wife. He donated the Nobel Prize money to the Roman Catholic Church of Poland to be spent for agricultural purposes.

Lech Walesa is an electrician by profession working at the Gdnask shipyard. He shot into fame when he became the leader on strike of `Solidarity’ on 14 August 1980. The Communist regime in Poland dissolved ‘Solidarity’, feeling frightened of the rising popularity of Walesa. Since then, Lech Walesa is living under constant terror. In 1983, when Nobel Peace Prize for Walesa was announced, it was felt in certain quarters that this honour to him was given on political grounds. Whatever the basis of this allegation, his leadership qualities and organizing ability are beyond any dispute. Moreover, his struggle has brought significant gains to Polish workers— the independent existence of trade unions has been accepted and the workers have also obtained the right to go on strike under certain circumstances.

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