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Essay, Biography or Paragraph on “Julius Caesar” complete biography for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Julius Caesar


Ancient Rome : General and Statesman

Birth : 100 B.C.                    Death : 44 B.C.

Julius Caesar is one of the most remarkable personalities in world history. He is generally considered the greatest genius of ancient Rome. He was really a man of exceptional and varied talents. Military leadership, statesmanship, oratory, writing, law and administration, left his mark on all spheres. He possessed great personal qualities too, he was handsome, witty, kind and forgiving. The greatness of Caesar as a ruler and conqueror is indicated by the fact that all succeeding Roman emperors called themselves Caesars. Some empires of a later date gave their rulers titles derived from the name Caesar as `Czars’ of Russia and ‘Kaisers’ of Germany. When Caesar entered Roman politics Roman empire was confined to the Mediterranean only but by conquering France, Belgium and parts of Spain, he extended it up to Europe and laid the foundation of Western Europe as we know today.

The first forty years of Caesar’s life was a troubled period in Roman political life. The republican system was crumbling and The State was torn by revolution and civil war. Up to this time Caesar had not achieved much by way of political power except a few magisterial appointments and a command In Spain, but his ability in the battlefield was established and he also gained necessary political experience.

In 60 B.C., Caesar made an attempt to gain real power. To achieve his objective he befriended two leading generals of Rome, Pompey and Crassus, who were opposed to each other. Caesar arranged a patch up between the two and with their help established the First Triumvirate (60-54 B.C.). Thus, together with these two, he managed the affairs of Rome. Then by his political astuteness, he won the election for Consul. During his term of office as Consul, Caesar introduced many important reforms. The next appointment that Caesar got was the commander ship of Roman armies in Gaul for a period of five years. During this period Caesar led a number of brilliant and successful military campaigns.

Caesar’s life was cut short when he was murdered under a conspiracy at the theatre of Pompey on 15th March, 44 B.C. The conspirators were opposed to the one-man rule of Caesar and they also feared that Caesar might restore Kingship in Rome for which Romans had great aversion.


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