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Essay, Biography or Paragraph on “Christine Keeler” complete biography for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Christine Keeler


England: Heroine of Profumo scandal

She he had what is generally described as ‘body beautiful’. Her dazzling beauty created such a political storm in England that the Defence Minister John Profumo had to resign from the cabinet ending his promising political career. Keeler was a ‘call girl’ lending her passion to the elite of Great Britain. Her father was a soldier who died when she was just a child. Her family was reduced to penury and Christine had to adopt prostitution to keep her body and soul together. She also worked as a part-time strip dancer in a Soho club, wherein she came across an osteopath, Dr. Stephen Ward, who introduced her to high society. A rich aristocrat, Lord Astor, became her full-time lover and Keeler now led an extravagant life. It is alleged that Keeler’s ravishing figure attracted world heavyweights like Willy Brandt, Chancellor of West Germany, Ayub Khan, President of Pakistan, and the evergreen star Frank Sinatra.

Once, John Profumo saw naked Keeler bathing in Lord Astor’s swimming pool. Thereafter an intimate relationship developed between them. Keeler had another lover, Ivanov, a Russian diplomat. It was suspected that Ivanov got many confidential details from Keeler because of her proximity with Profumo. This was disclosed by John Edgecombe, another love-bird in her nest. The British Press was full of accusations against the conduct of Profumo, the dethroned defence minister. Profumo asserted initially that he ever knew Keeler. But a letter from him to Keeler was published somehow which proved him a liar before parliament. He had to resign following the uproar in the MacMillan cabinet. Keeler hogged newspaper headlines all over the world in the aftermath. Keeler married a prominent physician Dr. Ward but her marriage failed. Dr Ward, who was blamed for the Profumo scandal, committed suicide. She got ransom from the film based on her life. She also wrote her autobiography Nothing But. Many books have been written about this `call girl’ who is now leading a quiet and retired life with her son.


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