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Essay, Biography or Paragraph on “Charles Dickens” complete biography for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Charles Dickens


England : “Great Novelist

Birth 1812          Death : 1870

Charles John Huffam Dickens is recognized as the greatest novelist of his time. His masterful literary works are not only the permanent treasure of the English language but they have also enriched the world literature. His novels are marked for their high literary merit. They have exquisite plots, delightful humour, detailed description, animated dialogues and a variety of wonderful characters. Mr. Bumble and Wackford Squeers are two such characters.

His novels portray the life of the different classes of society in the mid-Victorian era, particularly the life of the poor and the under-privileged. No wonder that novels of Dickens are equally popular in all sections of society. Some of his novels carry a strong autobiographical touch, for instance, Oliver Twist and David Copperfield. Dickens childhood was full of hardships and that is why he could so realistically portray the miseries and travails of the poor and working class in his novels.

Some of the best known fictional works of Dickens are: Pickwick Papers, Great Expectations, Oliver Twist, Nicholas Nickleby, David Copperfield, A Tale of Two Cities. Excepting Shakespeare there, is no other English writer who has created so many memorable characters as Dickens.

Charles Dickens was born in 1812 in a poor family in England. His father was a clerk in the Navy Pay Office. His early childhood was full of financial difficulties. For a brief period of time, he worked in a law office, reading and learning shorthand in his spare time. He later became a parliamentary reporter. During 1837-39, Dickens contributed a series of articles in a magazine under the title Pickwick Papers. This brought him instant fame and from now onwards Dicknes’ literary career was a continuous success.

Dickens left for his heavenly abode in 1870 aged 58.


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