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Essay, Biography or Paragraph on “Ben Johnson” complete biography for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Ben Johnson

Canada: Sprinter

Ben Johnson is one of the most discussed short distance runners in the B world of athletics. His rivalry with Carl Lewis of US in the 100 metre sprint is as well known as of Mary Decker and Zola Budd amongst women athletes. By the way, Zola Budd is also called ‘Floe Jo’ in the world of sports.

Ben Johnson, born in Jamaica, was the sixth child to his parents. His childhood was spent in penury and want. His mother Gloria emigrated to Canada with her family. Ben’s brother Edward inspired him to be an athlete. His talent was recognised by the famous coach and trainer Charlie Francis.

Ben Johnson won the silver medal in the Commonwealth Games of ’82 and a bronze medal in the Los Angeles Olympics (’84). He was able to defeat Carl Lewis of America in the World Cup (Canberra) in ’85 and at Goodwill Games of Moscow in ’86. He returned the record timing of 9.83 seconds in the.100 metres sprint in the World Athletics competition at Rome in August, ’87, winning the gold medal. Before the Seoul Olympics (’88), the old rivals Carl Lewis and Ben Johnson competed many times and defeated each other. In Seoul, Ben Johnson won the gold medal registering 9.97 seconds in 100 metres and was hailed as the world’s fastest sprinter. Carl Lewis came the runner-up. However, Ben Johnson was found doped with barbiturates to boost his performance before the play and was stripped of the gold medal which then was awarded to his runner up Carl Lewis. His record at Rome was struck off and he was banned from taking part in any athletic events for the subsequent 2 years.

Ben Johnson has again started taking part in track events. He claimed that he could repeat his performance but was unable to match with his prior performance. Carl Lewis had defeated him in Japan recently. It may be mentioned that his record timing still remains unsurpassed.


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