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English Text book “HORNBILL” ebook for class 11, CBSE, NCERT.


English Text book “HORNBILL” ebook for class 11, CBSE, NCERT.




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  1. Mostafizur Rahaman says:

    I am cheerful with PDF books

  2. Actually it’s a useful page

  3. isha says:

    Do anybody have an answer that why was the book named hornbill?

    • Amalendu Mitra says:

      Hornbill is a name of a bird found in tropical and subtropical Africa. The book is titled after the bird, that’s all and nothing else. For example, why your name is Isha. I would request you to concentrate yourself into the contents of the book and not on the name of it. If you face or have faced any problems with the pieces (stories or poems) let me know. Is it clear to you?

    • Awisesoul says:

      You can always look at the back cover of the book hornbill , it also has something to do with the hornbill festival

  4. Anupam kumar says:

    Thank u …..

  5. manish says:

    the portrait of a lady in hindi

  6. Nishita Roy says:

    It was of a great help .^_^.

  7. ncert books download says:

    Thank you sir, my utmost gratitude for the effort of your team, i am a regular visitor to your articles indeed, i thought to, (out of courtsey)
    provide some suggestion and feedback of my own , would be thankful
    if you could reply or recognize my recommendations to make this website more content
    oriented .
    Rana Duggal.

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