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English Question Paper of Class 10 CBSE Summative Assessment 2 Code No. 101 Communicative Year 2018

Class X
Code No. 101

Section A Reading Q1. VSA

(1 mark each)

Read the following passage carefully First introduced in 1927, The Hardy Boys Mystery Stories are a series of books about the adventures of brothers Frank and Joe Hardy, teenaged detectives who solve one baffling mystery after another. The Hardy Boys were so popular among young boys that in 1930 a similar series was created for girls featuring a sixteen-year-old detective named Nancy Drew. The cover of each volume of The Hardy Boys states that the author of the series is Franklin W. Dixon; the Nancy Drew Mystery Stories are supposedly written by Carolyn Keene. Over the years, though, many fans of both series have been surprised to find out that Franklin W. Dixon and Carolyn Keene are not real people. If Franklin W. Dixon and Carolyn Keene never existed, then who wrote The Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew mysteries?

The Hardy Boys and the Nancy Drew books were written through a process called ghostwriting. A ghostwriter writes a book according to a specific formula. While ghostwriters are paid for writing the books, their authorship is not acknowledged, and their names do not appear on the published books .Ghostwriters can write books for children or adults, the content of which is unspecific. Sometimes they work on book series with a lot of individual titles, such as The Hardy Boys and the Nancy Drew series.

The initial idea for both the Hardy Boys and the Nancy Drew series was developed by a man named Edward Stratemeyer, who owned a publishing company that specialized in children’s books. Stratemeyer noticed the increasing popularity of mysteries among adults, and surmised that children would enjoy reading mysteries about younger detectives with whom they could identify. Stratemeyer first developed each book with an outline describing the plot and setting. Once he completed the outline, Stratemeyer then hired a ghostwriter to convert it into a book of slightly over 200 pages. After the ghostwriter had written a draft of a book, he or she would send it back to Stratemeyer, who would make a list of corrections and mail it back to the ghostwriter. The ghostwriter would revise the book according to Stratemeyer’s instructions and then return it to him. Once Stratemeyer approved the book, it was ready for publication. Because each series ran for so many years, Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys both had a number of different ghostwriters producing books; however, the first ghostwriter for each series proved to be the most influential. The initial ghostwriter for The Hardy Boys was a Canadian journalist named Leslie McFarlane.

A few years later, Mildred A. Wirt, a young writer from Iowa, began writing the Nancy Drew books. Although they were using prepared outlines as guides, both McFarlane and Wirt developed the characters themselves. The personalities of Frank and Joe Hardy and Nancy Drew arose directly from McFarlane’s and Wirt’s imaginations. For example, Mildred Wirt had been a star college athlete and gave Nancy similar athletic abilities. The ghostwriters were also responsible for numerous plot and
setting details. Leslie McFarlane used elements of his small Canadian town to create Bayport, the Hardy Boys fictional hometown.

1.1 On the basis of your reading of the above passage, fill in the blanks with appropriate words / phrases:

1) The ‘Hardy Boys’ mystery stories are a series of books that contain__________________

2) _________ was a similar series created like ‘The Hardy Boys’ created for the girls.

3) The process of writing the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew was called ______________

4) The initial idea for both the Hardy Boys and the Nancy Drew series was developed by______________________________

5) The Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew books were created based on the idea that children___________________________

6) Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys both had a number of different ghostwriters producing books___________

7) The personalities of Frank and Joe Hardy and Nancy Drew arose directly from __________and___________ imaginations.

8) The ghostwriters were responsible for __________ plot and _________ details.


(1 mark each)

Read the following passage carefully: Here’s why effective communication is important. In a large organization, when a CEO addresses a live webcast — a must in today’s day and age — even a single question from an employee, no matter how unimportant it might be, will resonate across centres. It then becomes absolutely necessary for the leader to respond in a precise and unambiguous manner and use the platform to deliver his message across to the people. When the spotlight is on the leader, onlookers will hold on to every word he or she utters. Rhetoric can make many a hero.

Usage of words chosen to deliver a message is equally important. “Communication is not about company information. It’s more like, if you want to drink water, do I presume you want to drink Coke,” an HR head once remarked. If strategy is important, what’s even more critical is communication of the strategy. One can either be vague and leave it to the imagination of others or be precise without any obscurity. Either way, depending on what the situation demands, it’s a leader’s call and he or she can be sure, people are going to judge.

The importance of effective communication is not restricted to the leadership level alone. Companies are looking at innovative and effective ways to communicate with employees and also enable employee-to-employee communication, what one can term as E-2-E. So there are Facebook like tools that are being created to encourage active discussion among employees, irrespective of where they are based. It also ensures any gap in communication is bridged and there are no excuses at that.

An engineering company I know uses SMS as a means to communicate with employees. They started this practice even when others were just about warming up to sending mailers to meet their communication needs. Others may take a cue from this and start using platforms like WhatsApp, who knows. The fact is companies are using technology in a big way because they understand that the biggest challenge today is communicating with the Gen-Yers and Gen-Xers. The logic is simple: if the new generation is used to modes like ATM and online shopping, how can archaic communication methods work?

Effective communication can work at multiple levels in an organization like training, learning and development, education opportunities, among others. Moreover, in a chaotic world, the only thing that will work is sane communication. If communication fails, organizations run the risk of falling into a trap where ideas emerge from all corners but don’t get executed. So when it comes to people matters, silence is not always golden.

2.1 On the basis of your reading of the passage, answer the following questions briefly:

a. Why is effective communication absolutely necessary for theleader?

b. In what way should companies productively communicate to benefit the employees?

c.Why don’t‘archaic communication’ methods work today? d. What happens if communication fails in an organization?

VSA (1 mark each)

2.2 Choose the most appropriate meaning of the given word from the options provided:

a. The word ‘chaotic’ means i) peaceful ii) puzzled iii) disordered iv) composed

b. The word ‘innovative ‘means i) original & new ii) invention iii) adventurous iv) energetic

c. The word ‘unambiguous means i) not certain ii) clear iii) doubtful iv) incorrect

d. The word ‘strategy’ means i) technology ii) a plan of action iii) process iv) result Section

B Writing & Grammar – 25 Marks

Q 3 LA – II (5 marks)

The tiger is more than just our national animal; it is an indicator of the environmental health of India. The whole country must unite to protect it.’ Based on the given input, ideas from the MCB unit ‘Environment’ and your own ideas,write an article on the need to protect the tiger in the national and environmental interest in about 100-120 words


It has been rightly said “United we stand, divided we fall. “A nation which is not united falls like a house of cards. Write an article in about 100-120 words, emphasising on the significance of national integration. You may use ideas from the MCB unit ‘National Integration’ and same of your ideas.

Q 4 VLAQ ( 10 marks)

Write a short story in about (150-200 words) on the basis of the hints provided:

Going for long walks has always been a passion with me. As usual I was walking amongst the thick green forest till I heard that voice…………


As the ticket inspector asked for the ticket, I dug my hand into my pocket only to discover that the purse along with the ticket had disappeared………..


Q 5 VSA (1 mark each)

Read the following passage. Fill in the blanks by choosing the most appropriate options from the ones given below. Write the answer in your answer sheet against the correct blanks. Do not copy the whole passage.

In a novel approach, drug-eluting stents are now being used  a)___________ cure chronic sinusitis, which is not treatable with medicines. The technique  b)______ also advisable for diabetics and those suffering  c) ________ hypertension.

e.g are the, are, an, some

(a) (i)are (ii)were (iii)is (iv)to

(b) (i)are (ii)is (iii)has (iv)have

(c) (i)from(ii)for (iii)of (iv)from

Q 6 VSA ( 1 mark each)

There is a word missing in each line. Write the missing word along with the one that come before and the one that comes after it.

Before Missing word After

e.g. I had been thinking naming my pet thinking of naming

Corvus is the Latin name the crow family. a) ____________

I have started calling my pupil this name. b) ____________

At first, he would turn stare at me.c) ____________

Now, he has begun respond verbally. d) ____________

Corvus learning English now. e) ____________

His training takes place between eight and nine in morning f) ____________

The rest of the time, he hangs about here; the g) ____________

evening, he still prefers to go back the mango h) ____________

tree in my garden.

Q 7 VSA (1 mark each)

Re-arrange these words phrases to make meaningful sentences.

E.g. since times immemorial/have been respected/teachers. Techers have been respected since times immemorial.

(a)a special / child’s life / in every / teachers hold / place

(b)for his or her / it is they / in the society / who prepare / life / the child

(c) progressive society / teachers are / of a sound / one of the / and / main pillars Section –

C Literature – 25 Marks

Q 8 VSA (1 mark each)

Read the extract and answer the following questions briefly:-

“But suddenly that part of him that was left behind convulsed in undignified haste. Writhed like lightning and was gone into the black hole,

a) Why did the snake “convulsed in undignified haste”?

b) How was the snake’s movement in contrast to its earlier movement?

c) Find the literary device in ‘writhed like lightning’.


O, pardon me, thou bleeding piece of earth, That I am meek and gentle with these butchers Thou art the ruins of the noblest man, That ever lived in the tides of times

a) Who is referred to as “bleeding piece of earth”?

b) When does the speaker say these lines?

c) Who are the butchers referred to here? Why does he call them ‘butchers’?

Q 9 SA ( 8 marks)

Answer any four of the following questions in 30-40 words each

1.What happened when Hallock sat down at his desk and waited for ideas for his story?

2. Some of the psycho-drive games that Michael bought at the Computer Fair were not new. Who had they belonged to and what was the insignificance?

3. What does the expression on the shattered visage’ tell you about the sculptors skill in the poem ‘Ozymandias’?

4. What ‘hellish thing’ had the Mariner done?

5. PatolBabu doesn’t collect his payment after his role is over. Why?

Q 10 LAQ – 1 (4 marks)

A faint memory was stirred in PatolBabu’s mind. Some priceless words of advice given in a deep mellow voice. The advice of our elders and teachers always comes to our rescue as they have wisdom and experience of life Explain in about 80 – 100 words.


The traveller from the antique land makes a diary entry about his feelings about Ozymandias’ broken statue buried in the dust and what he has learnt from it. As a traveller and write the diary entry in about 80-100 words

Q 11 (A) & B VLAQ (10 marks)

Attempt any one section (A/B) What are the two sides of Anne’s character? Identify the values that make her appealing and attractive to the reader.


Anne’s diary was not simply a record of everyday events. It has several themes. Select at least four and using them to write an article on AnneFrank, highlighting the values that helped her overcome her problems.

a. isolation and loneliness

b. growth of a person from childhood to adolescence

c. family relationships

d. selfishness ( of Mrs. Van Daan )

e. fear of being caught, uncertainty of future.


Q 11 (B) Helen’s illness at the age of nineteen months made her a prisoner in a totally dark and silent world. Yet, she overcame all the problems and became a role model for many. Discuss Helen’s life in the light of the statement.


Describe the various pleasures that Helen enjoyed other than reading.


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