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English Letter “Write a Notice of Rejection of Goods”, Complete Letter.

Write a Notice of Rejection of Goods



Jaiswal Marbles

36 A Marwar Road,


12 January, 2011

Dear Mr. Jaiswal,

We received goods from you pursuant to our contract dated December 1, 2010. We hereby reject said goods for the reasons mentioned below:

  • Goods were not delivered within required time.
  • Sonic of the goods were defective as described on reverse side.
  • Some of the goods were non-conforming to sample or specifications as stated on reverse side.
  • Notice of acceptance of our order, as required, has not been received, and we ordered the goods from other sources.
  • The goods represent only a partial shipment.

Please issue appropriate credits or refunds if prepaid, and provide instruction for return at your expense. Rejection of the said goods shall not be a waiver of any other claim we may have.


Yours Truly

Akash Gupta


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