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English Letter ” Thanks Letter for Gift Gratitude with Reply”

Thanks Letter for Gift Gratitude

Dear Raju,

I am very grateful to you for the Indian Saree you sent me as a New Year Gift. It was so unexpected ! So delicious ! All my sisters are in whirligig about your gift.

How can I thank you ? I just can’t !

There is nothing in Japan which I can send you in exchange for a Banarsi Saree.

I am sending you a Transistor, but I know it is a poor substitute for the glory of an Indian Saree.

My heart goes out to you !

Yours lovingly,


Reply Letter of Gift Gratitude

Dear Sony,

Thanks for your Transistor which has a perfect reception and brings me closer to all parts of the world.

Every time I hear a Japanese girl speaking from the Tokyo Radio, I feel the voice of my Zooki ringing in my ears.

All my people thank you for your gift.

Yours lovingly,



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