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English Letter “Thanks Letter for Acknowledgement of Gift”

Thanks Letter for Acknowledgement of Gift

Dear Bhagwant,

Billoo is head over heels about the toy jeep you sent him from London. With jeep he goes to bed and with jeep he wakes up. This toy is now pet of the children in the family. It whizzes all day in the drawing- room and at night it snores in Billoo’s bed.

The children do not understand why you have not come with the jeep. I have told them you are making a helicopter in the Birstol Aircraft Company to fly over to India. Did you not send us a photograph of yours doing such a job ? The children have seen it and are satisfied.

Surely they expect you here by the autumn of 1956. We hope you will fly to us in your own home-made oven-baked helicopter !

Yours lovingly,


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