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English Essay, Paragraph, Speech on “Tolerance Day – 16th Nov.” Complete Essay for Class 8, 9, 10 and 12 Students for Exam.

Tolerance Day – 16th Nov.

Tolerance Day is celebrated in order to generate public awareness and emphasize the dangers of intolerance within communities of humanity. It is the day to act and affirm commitment and action in support of tolerance promotion and education.

International Day of Tolerance on 16 November came into force in 1995 when the UNESCO member states had adopted the “Declaration of Principles on Tolerance and Follow up the plan of Action.” But it was only on 16th November 1996 when General Assembly invited member states to observe the International Day of Tolerance. Tolerance Day is observed with activities directed toward both educational establishments and the public in general.

Building tolerance and trust in diverse communities cannot be achieved overnight but will take a long time and commitment. Access to education builds tolerance among communities of different caste, creed and origin and people of the same surrounding. Intolerance is often rooted in ignorance and fear. Intolerance is an egoistic behaviour and emerges out of superiority complex. Intolerance is also closely linked to an exaggerated sense of self-worth and pride. Hence in the coming years, we need to place greater emphasis on educating children about tolerance, human rights and fundamental freedoms. So as parents, lawmakers and law-enforcement officials, we need to educate people on general tolerance at various levels.

An International Day for tolerance can serve as an annual occasion for tolerance education. It is the day to remember as an annual occasion for tolerance education as well as for wider social reflection. There should be a debate on local and global problems of intolerance. Thus intricate ideas in favour of and against tolerance will come out and fresh policies could be framed to bridge the gaps that exist. Intolerance brings jealousy and misery. It robs the mind’s power and channelizes our time and energy into waste. It destroys peace of mind and deviates us from our goal. Hence nothing good lies in intolerance. But tolerance becomes useful to use as we can keep peace in disturbed conditions also. Intolerance is brain-drain while tolerance amounts to peace of mind and happiness. Tolerance is a state of equanimous mind where intellect directs us to our goal and not to engage in intolerance.

“Tolerance is peace Brings friendship to each.”


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