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English Essay, Paragraph, Speech on “Roads of India” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Roads of India

If the roads could speak it would tell us many tales. Each road leads to a home. In other words, every freedom has to end in some restriction Reads set a soul free from the eternal bondage of home and body. A home however beautiful it may be cuts down a person’s freedom, joy, and spirit. It is like a golden cage. It is therefore not surprising therefore that most of us cannot resist the call of roads that signify liberty.

So, when the roads beckon you to set out on a journey. It accompanies you in your search for knowledge and beauty. It takes you away from the routine of everyday life. It breaks the dullness that surrounds you. This change makes your life beautiful

There was a time when there were no roads. Man carved his way through the jungles, rivers, and mountains. In other words, he made a road for himself

The conditions of the roads represent life itself. They are a mirror of the society in which they exist. A narrow, uneven road denotes a society that has still to come with terms of the modern society. A smooth, wide, and fast road signify a modern society on move. Similarly, an ill-maintained and small road is a part of a ‘couldn’t careless and corrupt society.

If roads had hearts, they could be described as gentle. For the roads bear the footsteps of soldiers, farmers, leaders and beggars, and of old men and happy children without any distinction. The road is a witness to drama in daily life. One moment a car may go by carrying a newborn baby in it, the other moment a truck may roll by carrying mortal remains of a disaster. A road stands mute witness to the justices and injustices of life.

If only the road could speak… It would tell us so many tales. But let us not lose heart for roads are always there waiting for us to step out from our houses in order to see the world.


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